BFA in Theatre  119 credits

The BFA curriculum is designed to immerse students in the practicalities of theatre production and the theatre world. Conservatory style training is augmented by traditional academic studies in theatre history, literature, criticism and play reading.

Details of degree plan: 

  • Students pursuing the BFA will complete 48 credit hours in the BFA core curriculum and 69 + credit hours in their area of concentration, for a total of approximately 117 credit hours. Admission into the BFA program is by audition/interview only.
  • The BFA in Theatre is a rigorous and competitive program of study for students interested in pursuing careers in the professional theatre. This pre-professional program is designed to combine intensive training with a liberal arts education. All aspects of theatre—art, craft, business and education—are examined, with a focus on theatrical production..
  • The expanded curriculum of the program embraces classes not only in theatre, but in dance, art and music.

The overall objectives of the BFA in Theatre at WOU are as follows:

  • To provide a rigorous pre-professional BFA theatre training program to talented and qualified aspiring theatre professionals.
  • To create university theatrical productions of the highest standard
    which challenge student artists and audiences with plays of depth and vibrancy that illuminate the strengths, frailties and diversity of the human condition.
  • To establish and maintain education and outreach programs for all
    ages consistent with the artistic mission of the department.
  • To play a vital role in the cultural life of the Willamette Valley, Salem
    and the region.

BFA Core Curriculum (46 Credit Hours)


TA 165 Production Dynamics
TA 166 Text Analysis and Scene Study
TA 167 Play Reading

TA 220 Production Participation (9 terms)

TA 244 Technical Theatre: Scenecraft
TA 245 Technical Theatre: Lighting
TA 246 Technical Theatre: Costuming

TA 265 Acting I or TA 251 Elements of Acting

Choose One (3)

TA 251 Elements of Acting

TA 265 Acting

TA 381 Theatre History I
TA 382 Theatre History II
TA 383 Theatre History III
TA 386 International Theatre

TA 364 Play Direction
TA 395, 396, 397 Special Studies—Plays in Performance
TA 453 Capstone Experience


BFA Production Training (73 Credit Hours)

Required Classes (51)

A 204, 205, 206 Art History Sequence
TA 247 Technical Theatre: Sound
TA 252 Technical Theatre: Makeup
TA 308 History of Fashion
TA 334 Stage Management
TA 336 Stage Properties
TA 338 History of Architecture and Decor
TA 343 Costume Design
TA 345 Scenic Painting I
TA 346 Scenic Design
TA 348 Lighting Design
TA 353 Advanced Production Workshop
TA 412 Portfolio Review

Choose two: (6)

TA 354 Production Design
TA 355 Production Management
TA 359 Production Fabrication

Approved Production Electives (16)

A 130 Beginning Drawing
A 230 Introduction to Life Drawing
TA 344 Costume Crafts
TA 347 Drafting for Theatre
TA 349 Scenic Design Studio
TA 436 Advanced Costume Techniques
TA 443 Advanced Costume Design
TA 445 Scenic Painting II
TA 446 Advanced Scenic Design: CAD
TA 447 Digital Imagery for Theatre
TA 448 Advanced Lighting Design



  • Application Requirements
  • B.F.A Requirements
  • LACC Requirements

To be considered for the BFA Program all students must:

  • Submit an application to the Western Oregon University BFA prior to the scheduled audition/interview date. Auditions are at the beginning of Fall term every year.
  • Download application here Example of resume.
  • Have taken or be in the process of taking TA 165 Production Dynamics and TA 166 Text Analysis. (Transfer students must consult with an advisor.)
  • Submit the following:
  • Letter of intent, providing highlights of previous theatre experience and plans for future development.
  • Resume.
  • Recommendation numbers from one or two teachers or directors or other theatre professionals familiar with the students work and potential.

The above must be submitted at least one day prior to the scheduled audition/interview date.

Costume, Light, Set Design; Stage Management, Technical Theatre Preparation:

  • Admittance to the BFA in Theatre—Costume, Light, Set Design; Stage Management or Technical Theatre is based on an interview with the theatre department faculty.
  • On the day of the interview, arrive at least fifteen minutes prior to the scheduled time of registration and general session.  The length of the interview is approximately twenty minutes.

The Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) degrees are liberal arts degree programs with a major in Theatre: Production Training.  No minor is required. Students who take the BFA in Theatre: Production Training complete 115 credit hours in theatre courses in addition to the degree requirements and liberal arts core curriculum (LACC).

Note:. A combined total of twelve (12) credit hours in Mathematics, Computer Science or designated statistics courses is required for this degree. A minimum of one course in Mathematics and one course in Computer Science is required; any remaining required credit hours may be from either discipline or statistics. MTH 105, and CS 101 may not be used to meet any portion of this twelve (12) credit requirement.

A minor is not required for a B.F.A. in Theatre.

Liberal Arts Core Curriculum (LACC) 54-55 credits

  • Communication  COM 111  – 3 credits
  • Writing WR 135 College Writing II – 4 credits
  • Creative Arts – 9 credits
  • Health & Physical Education – 4 credits
  • Laboratory Science – 12 – 15 credits
  • Literature – 8 credits
  • Philosophy or Religion – 3 credits
  • Social Science 11 – 12 credits
  • Mathematics/Computer Science – 11 credits·
  • MATH 111 College Algebra – (or higher)·
  • Computer Science – CS 121 Computer Applications  (or higher)







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