For 2021

We will be doing an Open House on Wednesday Septmeber 22nd from 8am to 5pm for WOU students.

Stop by the Information Desk on Wednesday September 22nd between 8am and 5pm to receive a punch card, bag and information about Student Engagement. Take the punch card around to the 11 additional areas listed within the Werner Unviersity Center, hear about their resrouces and get a punch on the card. Once all punches have been collected, return your punch card with your name and and email written on it to the Information Desk to be entered into drawings for prizes.  

For 2019 and previous years

WUC’s Welcome to New Students!

Premiere Night is the Werner University Center’s (WUC) open house for new students! Come join our fun, themed event during New Student Week in September throughout the WUC.

We have food, prizes, giveaways and much more. Each office and department in the WUC participates! Play some of the games we have throughout the facility and gear up to play some RHA Bingo for great prizes too!

INSTRUCTIONS: Take your guide given upon entry and have it stamped at each location within the WUC. This will give you an idea of the services and offices in the facility. Once you are done, turn in your card at the WUC Information Desk and you will receive free bingo cards to use in the RHA Bingo session in the Summit where you will have a chance to win some great prizes!

Approximately 500 new WOU students participate in this fun event

Programs and Timeline

Instructions: Each student who enters will be given a guide. This will be your guide for entrance throughout the entire building. You will enter each office, learn about the resources, and then have the guide stamped. Once you are done, you will submit it and earn a final stamp. That final stamp in your guide will be your ticket for RHA’s Bingo!

Other featured Activities:

Airbrush Tattoos




RHA bingo

And much more



WUC Information Desk

(503) 838-8261 | or e-mail: