Icebreakers and Teambuilders

Name Games

Adjective Name Game Ducky Wucky Sing Down
Blanket Name Game Elbow Tag Slaps
Clam Free Group Juggle Sock Game
Chocalotaschnizzel Introduction Interview Sponge Pass
Confusion Bingo Raid Whomp-Em
Do You Love Your Neighbor? Reincarnator
Drip, Drip, Drop Sentence Stems


Amoeban Tag Charlie’s Angels Mrs. Mumbles
Back to Back Elves, Giants and Chickens Oooo, Aaaahh, Ooooh!
Balloon Tag Guard the Bone People to People
Barnyard Animals Hula Hoop Relay SPUD
Birdie on a Perch I Love You Baby, But I Just Can’t Smile Sumo
Bite the Bag Ice Cubes Two Truths and a Lie
Blindfold Line Up Life Saver Relay Water Balance
Buzz Lollipop
Catch Me If You Can Machine Game


Being an Ally How Homophobia Hurts Everyone Privilege Line Up
Cultural Bingo Card Iceburg Cultural Model Society of Erutan
Gay Guided Journey Non-Verbal Cultural Cues The Wall
GLBT Stages Oppression Action Continuum

Communication & Conflict

Assertive Communication Dealing with Difficult People
Active Listening Assertive Behavior

Values & Ethics

True Colors Questionnaire Values for Student Leaders
Where Do you Stand? Values Inventory Ranking
Values Sort List Values Auction

Time Management & Stress Management

Burnout Inventory
Challenge and Support
Time Management Exercise

Other Topics

Building Creativity & Brainstorming Person Bingo Card Whose Line Improv Games
Feedback Information Parliamentary Procedure Basics Leadership Development Checklist
Functions that Help Groups Spontaneity & Improv. Learning Style Inventory
Innovation Factors Strategic Planning