Faculty Resources


Faculty Development Grants

Faculty in the Division of Social Sciences are invited to apply for Faculty Development Grants to support research and conference participation. An information packet including application forms is distributed to faculty members at the beginning of the academic year. This information can also be downloaded from the I drive (in the “Faculty Development” folder). Beginning this year, you can also apply online – click here for information on how to do this. If you have questions about the application or selection process, contact one of the Social Science Representatives on the Faculty Development Committee: Shaun Huston (hustons@wou.edu) or Vivian Djokotoe (djokotoev@wou.edu)


IRB – Institutional Review Board

All faculty engaging in research with human subjects “that aims to contribute to generalizable knowledge” must get approval from the university’s IRB. Such research would include any scientific or social scientific research involving humans, whose findings will be published, presented publicly, archived in the university library, or made available online. For more information on IRB procedures, timelines, and application requirements, click here.




Division of Social Sciences 

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