Sign Language Proficiency Interview for American Sign Language


  1. RELAX: Sip a cup of coffee, rub your hands, talk about the weather—anything that will help you to relax and be confident.
  2. RATE OF SIGNING: Sign at a rate that is comfortable for you. If you know that you make many mistakes when you sign quickly, slow down.
  3. KEEP SIGNING: Don’t stop the conversation by answering simply YES or NO.  Be generous. Give details, explain your point, develop your thoughts, and make comparisons. Anything that shows you can discuss a topic in depth will help you perform better. If you are not a “talkative” person by nature, you must make an extra effort to communicate during the interview.
  4. DON’T DOWNGRADE YOURSELF: Don’t apologize for your signing skills.  Be positive. Let the interview show your skills.

WHAT TO DO . . .

  1. IF YOU MAKE A MISTAKE: If you know you made a mistake, correct it and continue.  Correcting a mistake can help your performance.
  2. IF YOU ARE LOST IN A LONG EXPLANATION: Stop…Think.  Say something like, “Let me tell you again—it is complicated.”  Then try again. Don’t worry about what happened. No one expects you to sign without mistakes.
  3. IF YOU BECOME NERVOUS DURING THE INTERVIEW: The interviewer will know you are nervous and help you. You can stop for a few seconds and get control.  Relax. Admit that you are nervous and joke about it. Often this is enough to make you comfortable again.
  4. IF SOMETHING IS INTERFERING WITH YOUR SIGNING: If the air conditioner bothers you, say so. If you can’t see the interviewer clearly, say so. Remember that this is your interview. You should have the best possible interview conditions.


    Buffy Reis, MS                             RSLA SLPI: ASL Coordinator | 360-980-8477 Chad A. Ludwig, MSW, ADAC, DI Director RSLA Program | 503-468-5724