Sign Language Proficiency Interview for American Sign Language


Service fees:
$185 results report with no full diagnostic feedback
$220 full report with diagnostic feedback
$160 results report with no full diagnostic feedback for high school students and current WOU’s faculty/staff and students.

Additional service fees available:
$80 Expedite Service fees
$45 Replacement RSLA results report


The Expedite Service is available upon request with 72-hours turn around for report with full diagnostic feedback is available with Expedite fees of $80.00, in addition to the full report with diagnostic feedback fees.


If the candidate’s RSLA report has been lost, stolen, or damaged and the candidate needs to replace their RSLA report. The replacement fee is $45.


Proof of your current class registration. If this is not available, you may provide one of the following types of documentation as proof of status: (1) official or unofficial transcript, (2) letter from an advisor, or (3) letter from the registrar. A student ID or tuition receipt does not qualify as acceptable proof of student status.


The standard to complete the full report with diagnostic feedback is up to 14 business days. The report with no full diagnostic feedback is up to 10 business days.


Please make online payment at Please contact the RSLA office if alternate payment arrangements need to be made.

Payments including purchase order is due at least one week before the evaluation date, or the evaluation will need to be rescheduled.

If any of the following occurs, the candidate(s) will not be reimbursed the pre-paid evaluation fee:

  • Candidate(s) cancels RSLA evaluation less than 48 hours prior to the scheduled evaluation date.
  • Candidate(s) does not show up for the scheduled RSLA evaluation.
  • Candidate(s) show up more than 10 minutes late for the scheduled RSLA evaluation. Evaluation will also be canceled due to late arrivals impacting other scheduled evaluations.


The RSLA registration purchase are non-transferable. The registration fees will not be refundable under one-week of schedule appointment. Refund requests must be submitted in writing 8 days prior to scheduled appointment. Please note: We will assess a $20 administrative fee for any refund processed. Please provide a minimum of 30-days timeline to receive your refund.


Buffy Reis, MS                             RSLA SLPI: ASL Coordinator | 360-980-8477 Chad A. Ludwig, MSW, ADAC, DI Director RSLA Program | 503-468-5724