Teacher Competencies

Deaf-Blind Perspectives Volume 8, Issue 1

Research-to-Practice Focus: Competencies for Teachers of Learners Who Are Deafblind

“Teachers of children who are deafblind must have specialized competencies in order to provide their students with high quality educational opportunities. These competencies are in addition to the basic competencies required of all teachers of children with disabilities. This article provides an overview of Competencies for Teachers of Learners who are Deafblind, a document that lists the necessary knowledge and skills for teachers who work with deafblind children. “

Deafblindness Preparation Standards from the Council for Exceptional Children

Resources from Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired

“Individuals who work with [deafblind] students may lack specific training in DeafBlindness and therefore require a great deal of support to meet an individual student’s needs. Even specialized teachers such as a teacher of the deaf, teacher of students with visual impairments, and orientation and mobility specialists may have little or no experience with students who are DeafBlind.

Additionally, family members require information, training, and support to become the life-long advocates that their child with DeafBlindness may need. The birth of their child with DeafBlindness begins a long journey of learning about DeafBlindness and finding specific resources they need to help their child achieve a productive and happy life.”