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Waitlisting on Wolf Web


Waitlisting is available for certain co­urses that have reached their maximum student capacity and are closed. They are identified by the red WL code which will not appear in the course schedule until the course is closed. To use waitlisting, you must have a e-mail account.




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How to Use Waitlisting – Basic Steps

  1. Log into the WOU Portal.
  2. Click the Wolf Web icon.
  3. Navigate to the “Register for Classes” worksheet in the Registration Menu. Click “Student Menu,” “Registration & Schedule,” “Register for Classes.”
  4. Select the term and click the “Submit” button.
  5. When you find a waitlisted course you wish to register for, check the box in the “Select” column and click “Register.”
  6. When the course you want to waitlist comes up, select “Waitlist” from the drop-down list in the action column.
  7. Click “Submit Changes.” You are now on the waitlist for this course.


These steps are explained in greater detail below.
  1. How to Use Waitlisting-Detailed Steps
  2. Once You’re on a Waitlist
  3. Registering For Your Waitlisted Course

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How to Use Waitlisting – Detailed Steps

If a class is closed and can be waitlisted, you will see a red WL code in the course information.

Students who meet the prerequisites for a waitlisted course should follow the steps below.


Step 1. Check the box next to the CRN for the course or courses you are interested in. If the course requires a lecture and a lab, check the box corresponding to the lab you need to waitlist, not the lecture CRN. Waitlisting on these types of courses is done only on the lab portions of the course.


Step 2. Click “Register.”


Step 3. When the course you wish to waitlist appears, select “Waitlist” from the drop-down list (if available) and click “Submit Changes.”


The waitlisted class is now included on your “Current Schedule” with a “Waitlisted” status.




Note: Your waitlisting status begins the moment you select “Waitlist” in the action column and click “Submit Changes” in the previous step. You can verify that you are on the waitlist now by looking at your status in the left hand column, which shows you exactly when you entered waitlisted status.


Note: If there is no “Waitlist” action available in the drop-down list, this means either:

  • Waitlisting is not available for the course or
  • the waitlist is closed at this time

There are restrictions on waitlisting a course:

  • Waitlists are offered only when a course is closed.
  • You will not be allowed to waitlist for a course until you meet the prerequisites.
  • Time conflicts are not checked when waitlisting for a course, but will be enforced when registering for a course.
    • If a course you have waitlisted becomes available, you must assure that there are no time conflicts with your schedule, or you will not be allowed to register for the waitlisted course.
  • Waitlists are not allowed for courses requiring instructor approval.

The student in the example below is first on the waitlist.



If for any reason you need to take yourself off of a waitlist, drop the course as you would any other. From the “Add Classes Worksheet”, select “Web Drop Pre-term” from the “Action” column on the left and click “Submit Changes.” Remember that if you do drop from a course you have waitlisted, you can get back on the waitlist for that course, but you will be put at the bottom of the list.


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Once You’re on a Waitlist

If an opening in your waitlisted course becomes available, an email will be sent to your email account. You will have 24 hours from the time the message is sent to register for the course before you are automatically dropped from the waitlist, at which time the next student on the waitlist is offered that open space. Read your email notice carefully!


You are receiving this email notification because you are the next eligible student on the waitlist to register for:


MATH 095 – Intermediate Algebra – 26015


You will have until:


03-NOV-2012 11:39 AM


to register for this course in Wolf Web.


In the “Register for Classes” menu select “Web Reg” from the action menu for the course in which you are waitlisted. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click “Submit Changes.” If you are waitlisted in a lab select “Web Reg” from the action menu, scroll down to the “Add Classes Worksheet,” and enter the CRN for the corresponding lecture and then click “Submit Changes.”


Once the deadline has passed, you will not be able to add this course and you will be automatically dropped from the waitlist. You may waitlist the course again, but will be placed at the bottom of the list. If you do not wish to add this course, please login to Wolf Web and drop this course from your schedule.


If you are unable to register for this course, please check the error message you receive. For other questions regarding the course, please contact the department directly.


Do not reply to this email.


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Registering For Your Waitlisted Course

Step 1. Once you are notified that you can register for your waitlisted class, log into Wolf Web and navigate to “Register for Classes.”


Step 2. In the “Action” column (located to the left of the course) select “Web Reg” from the drop-down list.



Step 3. Click “Submit Changes.” Wolf Web now displays the registered status of the class (left column).



If the course you are registering for is a lab that has a related lecture, you will need to register for both at the same time. Choose “Web Reg” from the drop-down list to the left of the lab you are adding. Do not click “Submit Changes!” First, enter the CRN for the associated lecture into the field at the bottom of the screen. When both the lecture CRN is entered and “Web Reg” is selected in the associated lab drop-down list, click “Submit Changes.”


Congratulations, you have successfully registered for your waitlisted course!

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