Undergraduate degree requirements

The Liberal Arts Core Curriculum (LACC) is the foundation for all undergraduate bachelor degree programs. In addition, most programs require students to complete an academic major and an academic minor to graduate. Course in the LACC can be used in the major or minor, but no course can count in both the major and minor.
Students majoring or minoring in Political Science are recommended to take three of the following four courses to meet most of their LACC Social Science requirements: PS 201, PS 202, PS 203, or PS 204.
Students majoring in Public Policy and Administration should consider taking Econ 201 and Econ 202 for their Social Science LACC courses, with PS 201 or PS 202 as the third course.


Standard LACC components Credits B.A. degree requirements Credits B.S. degree requirements Credits
Communication studies 3 LACC 54-58 LACC 54-58
Creative Arts 9 Math & CS 6 Math & CS 12
Health & Physical Education 4 Foreign/second language 4-24 Writing Intensive# 6
Laboratory Science 12-15 Writing Intensive# 6 Diversity* 6
Literature/Modern Language 8
Philosophy or Religion 3
Social Science 11-12
Writing 4
Total 55



* Students seeking a B.S.(without a foreign language) degree will satisfy this requirement by successfully completing 6 hours of course work which emphasizes a topic or subject dealing with cultural diversity from within any portion of the student’s degree plan. (Per 2015-16 WOU Course Catalog, page 34)


#Writing Intensive requirements are outlined on page 37 of the 2015-16 WOU Course Catalog.




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