Politics, Policy and Administration Scholarship

Politics, Policy and Administration Department, Western Oregon University

We are proud to be able to award a scholarship to one of our majors with the help of donations from supporters and faculty of the WOU Politics, Policy and Administration Department. The scholarship is intended to reward exceptional students who are highly motivated, dedicated to service, and strongly considering a career in the political or policy making field. Recipients must demonstrate academic ability and commitment, active involvement at WOU and/or the larger community, and career objectives related to the content taught by the Politics, Policy and Administration Department.

Amount of scholarship: $ 1,000

TO APPLY: Go to Politics, Policy and Administration Scholarship.

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How amount will be allocated:

Applications will be accepted in the spring quarter of the student’s junior year with the deadline in May – date to be announced. Faculty in the Politics, Policy and Administration Department will select the recipient by the end of each spring quarter. The award of $1,000 will be given out at the beginning of the subsequent fall term.

Application requirements

  • Junior standing
  • Political Science or Public Policy & Administration major (declared)
  • G.P.A of 3.3 or higher
  • Completed application including the following information and materials, should be submitted through the <wou.academicworks.com> website:
    • Name, WOU V#, mailing address, phone number, and email address
    • Unofficial copy of your WOU transcript
    • Two-page (500 words), double-spaced essay discussing how the scholarship would help you pursue your academic and career ambitions/interests in politics, and the value of a political science or public policy & administration major
    • Résumé that includes work history, campus and off-campus activities and service (e.g., WOU club membership, sports, positions held, awards received, etc.) during your WOU attendance

Application Deadline: May 1st.
For more information, contact your major adviser.

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Scholarship Winners


Jessie Scott


Jessica Martinez-Medina, Current third year at WOU

Public Policy and Administration major | Spanish and Organizational Leadership minor

“I am very passionate about public service, social justice, and helping others. I seek to provide equity and justice for all people. Before I started WOU I knew that I wanted to assist my community and through my experience I learned that Public Policy and Administration was the perfect way to do that. This major has given me the flexibility to learn more about what public service really means and the opportunity to make life-long connections. Overall, the program has allowed me to grow as a person and has motivated me to continue to empower and help our communities.”


No Scholarship awarded


Richard Daughters


Erika Gutierrez, WOU alumnus
Public Policy and Administration major | Psychology minor
“If you don’t go after what you want, you’ll never have it. If you don’t ask, the answer is always no. If you don’t step forward, you’re always in the same place”. –Nora Roberts

“I am a first generation student with two immigrant parents who have instilled in me the importance of having an education from a very young age. They have always encouraged and supported my decision on what I’ve wanted to study as long as it was something that I truly wanted. I was able to learn and expand my interests through this program. From my very first political science class, I was convinced that Public Policy and Administration was the right major for me. Every professor inspired and motivated me to do well in class. I am very appreciative to the Politics, Policy, and Administration Department for offering this scholarship and picking me to be a recipient. Thank you.”



DeMichele PPA ScholarTimothy DeMichele, WOU alumnus
Public Policy and Administration major | Philosophy minor
“Studying primarily in Political Science then Public Policy and Administration disciplines, my journey through Western Oregon University can be summarized in three paradoxes. First, while narrowing my learning from broad political states and world peace to administrative procedures and collective bargaining agreements, my approach to problem solving has broadened. Second, while challenging my faith in God in the classroom, the faculty in the Liberal Arts Departments have absolutely supported me and mentored me toward my goals. Third, as opinionated as I am, WOU gave me opportunities to voice my views in many formats and the faculty has graciously listened to and engaged me.

Immediately after Winter Term 2016, I will be entering full time employment in Oregon in local government or an education field. My goals are to teach English in Laos, earn a Master’s in Education, teach and administrate in a Hawaii school, and serve as a public official someday.

To all of the WOU faculty and staff who have made my education possible: thank you all for your selfless service and sense of responsibility to teach people. I am very grateful to you. To students who are contemplating which major to choose: I encourage you to commit to the Political Science and/or Public Policy and Administration majors because you will hear of the need for good civic leaders in many fields and you will be equipped to fulfill such roles.”


Jill Gentry, WOU alumnus



Anthony Medina, WOU alumnus
Public Policy and Administration major | Sociology minor
“I grew up in a small rural farm-working town that was predominantly Latino. I, along with many of my other classmates, were first in our families to go to college. Through the Public Policy and Administration program at Western, I have been able to grow personally and professionally.”

Following his time at Western Oregon University, Anthony obtained a MA from Stanford University in 2015. He has now started working for the Department of Administrative Services in the Chief Financial Office as an Assistant Budget and Policy Analyst. His main job duties involve the drafting of the Governor’s Recommended Budget and presenting agency budgets in his portfolio to the legislature.

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