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How do I change my grade option in a course to S*/NC?

    1. Login to the Portal and open Wolf Web
    2. Select the Student Menu, then Registration & Schedule, & then Register for Classes.
    3. Select the term and click Submit
    4. In the grade mode column the listed mode is a hyperlink, click the hyperlink.
    5. There is a grade mode drop-down box for A-F graded courses.
    6. Use the drop-down box to select “E-Satisfactory/NoCredit*”
    7. Click “Submit Changes” at the bottom of the page.
    8. You are done. You will see the changes made in the drop down menu next to the course.

You may use these same steps to change the grade mode back to “A to F Grading” if you change your mind.

If you have a registration hold that prevents you from making this change online, email from your official WOU email with your name, V-Number, the course CRN and specify what you have chosen to change the grade mode to.

How can I change to S*/NC if I have a registration hold?

If you have a registration hold (including advisor holds) and don’t think you’ll be able to resolve that hold prior to May 15, you can contact the Registrar’s Office to have the change made on your behalf. To do this, you need to do the following by May 15 at 5 pm:

  • Email from your WOU email address
  • Include your name, V-Number, course subject, number, and CRN
  • Request that your grade option in the class be changed to S*/NC grade

How long do I have to decide if I want to change my class to S*/NC?

The deadline to change grade mode is Friday, May 15th:

  • By 5:00 pm if you need assistance
  • By 11:59 pm if you are making the change online through WolfWeb

How does the S*/NC grade option affect GPA?

The S/NC grade option is not calculated into GPA, even if a student earns NC.

Will the S*/NC grade affect my academic standing or honors at graduation?

The S*/NC grade is not calculated into GPA and therefore will not affect academic standing and honors. If you have questions about whether it is the best option for you to change your classes to S*/NC in regards to your academic standing, we encourage you to meet with an Academic Success Advisor in Student Success and Advising. You can schedule an appointment using WCS (located in the Portal).

Why is my S*/NC graded course not applying to my program in Degree Tracks?

Some programs currently require more than a passing grade for a course to be applied in the program (for example, a program might require a ‘C’, rather than a ‘D-‘ or ‘S’). Degree Tracks needs to be updated to allow S* grades to apply to the requirements of those programs. We are working on making those updates as quickly as possible. Please be patient, the adjustments will be in place soon.

Will the S*/NC grade option affect how my grades are transferred into another college?

We cannot control how other colleges and universities articulate transfer credits. We have had extensive conversations with the other public universities in Oregon and most are planning to do something similar to WOU during the pandemic. We also anticipate all 17 Oregon community colleges to adopt a short-term policy similar to WOU.

We hope that universities will be flexible when accepting transfer courses with an S* grade, but if you have a particular college or university in mind, you should check with that institution before choosing the S*/NC option. You should also discuss your options with your WOU adviser(s). For colleges and universities in Oregon, we have started collecting that information here:

If you have additional information, please contact Dr. Michael Baltzley ( so we can update our database.

As a transfer-friendly university, WOU will continue to be flexible with students transferring in similar grades from other institutions.

Will a S* grade allow me to take the next course in the series?

Yes, if you earn an S* in a prerequisite course, that will allow you to move on to the next course in the series. For example, if you earn a S* in WR 121 you will qualify to enroll in WR 122.

Will an S* grade still meet major or minor requirements at WOU or at another school?

Credits earned with an S* grade will meet WOU program requirements in your major, minor and/or General Education. If you have concerns about major requirements, we recommend you speak with your major advisor prior to changing a course to S*/NC.

We cannot control how other colleges and universities count S* grades. If you have a particular college or university in mind, you should check with that institution before choosing the S*/NC option.

Will an S* grade still meet prerequisite requirements for professional or graduate schools?

Many professional and graduate schools recognize the substantial impact that COVID-19 has had on student lives and have officially stated that they will accept Pass/Fail grades for prerequisite courses taken in the Spring 2020 term. Other professional and graduate schools have chosen to not take Pass/Fail grades, or require students to submit documentation to show what their letter grade would have been if they had received a letter grade. Additionally, not all institutions have made decisions on their Pass/Fail policies for the Spring 2020 term.

Please should check with specific graduate and professional schools before choosing the S*/NC option. You should also discuss your options with your WOU adviser(s).

For professional and graduate programs in Oregon, please see the information at the bottom of this page.

Would choosing the S*/NC grading option impact my financial aid or scholarships?

The S*/NC grading option won’t affect your financial aid. Credits earned with a grade of S*, during Spring 2020, will count towards your annual minimum credits needed for full time study. We encourage you to speak with a Financial Aid Counselor if you have further questions

Scholarship recipients should contact the Financial Aid office regarding specific scholarship requirements.

Will I be able to change classes to S*/NC in future terms?

In a typical term, students can make the decision to change a class to S/NC when they register for this class and this decision cannot be reversed. For spring term 2020 only, due to COVID-19, we are allowing students to make that change through week 7 of the term with the designation of the * after the S to indicate the difference between other terms.

Should I change a class to S*/NC or withdraw from the class?

We encourage you to speak with your advisor to discuss the differences between a withdraw and changing the grade mode, to make the best decision.

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