Internships Outside of Oregon


Supervised field experiences that allow students to engage in the practical application of prior learning, regardless of whether the student earns credit for the activity.

Approved States
Students may accept internship placements in the following states and territories:

SARA Members

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Alabama Indiana Nevada South Dakota
Alaska Iowa New Hampshire Tennessee
Arizona Kansas New Jersey Texas
Arkansas Kentucky New Mexico U.S. Virgin Islands
Colorado Louisiana New York Utah
Connecticut Maine North Carolina Vermont
Delaware Maryland North Dakota Virginia
District of Columbia Massachusetts Ohio Washington
Florida Michigan Oklahoma West Virginia
Georgia Minnesota Oregon Wisconsin
Guam Mississippi Pennsylvania Wyoming
Hawai’i Missouri Puerto Rico
Idaho Montana Rhode Island
Illinois Nebraska South Carolina
Other Approved States


Other States
If a student is interested in an internship placement in any of the following states or territories, please contact us:

American Samoa Northern Mariana Islands


State Authorization

Beverly West | 503-838-8796 | e-mail: