WOU Words – Personality – Slang


Wolfie – We are the WOU Wolves. Wolfie has been our nickname for the mascot since 1999, but his official name is Waldo Wolf. WOU became the Wolves in 1928, named after coach Larry Wolfe.

Rex — Our university president. You might be tempted to call him “Dr. Fuller,” but he really prefers simply “Rex.” He enjoys reading and tennis, and although he is a college administrator now, he’s also a trained economist. He and his wife, Susan, moved to Monmouth in 2015.

#HowlAboutIt: The official WOU hashtag. Find it on our Twitter and Facebook feeds, as well as those of our students.

The WUC – Short for Werner University Center. Pronounced “wook” (rhymes with book).

Tree lighting – The giant sequoia on campus, which was planted in 1887, is adorned with lights for the holidays. The event joins the campus population with community members in early December.

Squirrels – The ubiquitous rascals are the school’s secondary mascot. They even have their own Facebook page: WOU Squirrels.

Monmouth and Independence – We’ve heard some people call the two towns “IndyMouth” or “MI-Town” The university is located in Monmouth, but Independence is right next door.

WOU – The name is pronounced “woo” not spelled out W-O-U.

Old P.E – The older physical education building was constructed in 1936.

New P.E. — The newer physical education building was constructed in 1971. It carries this moniker even though it is more than 45 years old.

Rubber Room: The indoor baseball and softball facility in the New P.E. building goes by this nickname.

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