The TOGETHER WE graphic treatment is a complement to the WOU standard Graphic Identity Guide and should be used for 2017-18.


The TOGETHER WE design heavily utilizes colors from WOU’s current university graphic standards. However, WOU gray should be used more frequently for large color elements.


Typography is important in conveying message and overall look. The university’s standard typefaces have been chosen for readability and ability to pair with the university’s logos.

  • Primary: Avenir (Lt Std) [Arial is an alternate]
  • Secondary: Minion [Garamond is an alternate]
  • Avoid: most script typefaces

The Tagline

The TOGETHER WE SUCCEED tagline should appear on all materials. There are two primary options to add the tagline to your design: 1. As part of the primary university mark, 2. Using the corner sticker – see below.

University mark and tagline

The primary university mark has been adapted to include the TOGETHER WE SUCCEED tagline. The tagline should never be manually added. Always use a downloaded version.

  • Download logos with tagline
  • Colors: multiple options exist
  • Note: The primary logo is only directly paired with TOGETHER WE SUCCEED
  • For use of additional taglines, use the standard university or your department-specific logo and a corner sticker (below).
  • The university’s graphic standards should always be applied.

Corner Sticker – main graphic element

Size and position

  • Color portion must be a minimum of 2 inches wide
  • Must be in the bottom right corner – bleed preferred, not required
  • When a bleed is not an option, position as close to printable edge as possible (1/4 inch margin suggested)

Color options

  • WOU Red or full black ONLY

Text options (no other phrases should be used in the corner sticker)

  • TOGETHER WE SUCCEED (standard)

Other details:

  • Safe Zone: ¼ inch
  • Text should match angle when possible


Heavy use of photography is encouraged, specifically highlighting people.

General notes

  • To ensure proper usage of the brand and graphic treatment, templates can be found in our Downloads.
  • Request graphic design support by completing the “Work Request Form” at Select “graphic design” from the drop down.