How to Get Text Translated

In support of Western Oregon University’s priorities around inclusion, equity and being a Hispanic Serving Institution, we are striving to provide Spanish-language information in our website content, Admissions materials and other communications. Any time you require Spanish-language information for an external audience, please follow these procedures. One exception is a letter from you with your signature that you wrote in Spanish.

WOU’s official written translation service is Oregon Certified Interpreter’s Network (OCIN). All translation tasks must run through OCIN, with whom the university has a contract and procedures in place. In order to maintain a consistent “voice” for the university and to prevent liability issues for WOU faculty and staff, information cannot be translated by an employee in place of OCIN.

Here’s how to get your English text translated into Spanish (or any language):

  1. Send an email to
  2. Explain the details of your request and be sure to include:
    1. Your name
    2. Your contact information
    3. Attachment containing the Microsoft Word version of the English text
    4. A request for an invoice after work is complete

Important factors to note:

  • If the copy you want translated is on a website, you’ll need to copy, paste and format that text into a Word document before submitting it.
  • The cost of translation is paid from your departmental budget, just like printing is.
  • The basic rate is 18 cents per word.
  • The standard minimum is 240 words. ($43.20)
  • Rush orders are 22 cents per word with a 300-word minimum.
  • Text sent in an incorrect format or large projects that need oversight incur additional hourly fees
  • The minimum hourly fee is $60.
  • The projected turnaround time is two days for a two-page Word document and three days for up to a four-page document.

If you have questions about WOU’s translation guidelines, call 503-838-8674.

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