Non Degree Seeking

Non-Admitted Application for International Students

A non-admitted international student is a person who feels academically qualified to enroll for classes at WOU but does not desire to be admitted to the University. The non-admitted status is specifically designed for the person who desires to take a very limited number of courses generally for purposes other than obtaining a degree or teaching certificate at Western Oregon University. Non-Admit status is not available to students who have been suspended because of academic deficiency.

A non-admitted international student is required to abide by all the rules and regulations of the University as listed in the catalog and schedule of classes except those specifically excluded on the petition. Registration deadlines and late fees apply.

Limitations placed upon a non-admitted student are:

  • The student is limited to eight (8) or fewer credits per term.
  • The non-admit petition is good for one academic term only. Enrollment for subsequent terms will require re-petitioning.
  • WOU will not evaluate or hold records (other than the posting of grades) in preparation for degrees or teaching certificates. These academic services are limited to fully admitted degree-seeking students only.

Note: Students interested in pursuing a degree program must apply for formal admission to the university.

Enrollment Procedures: Non-degree (Non- Admitted) International Students

You should only apply for non-degree international enrollment if:

  • You are NOT seeking a degree from WOU
  • You have never attended WOU
  • You plan to enroll in 8 or fewer credits per term at WOU
  • You have permission from your current institution to enroll part-time at WOU

Enrollment Procedures for non-admitted (non-degree) international students:

  1. Download. complete, and print the form: Petition to Enroll as a Non-Admitted Student
  2. Photocopy your passport ID page, visa stamp, and I-20
  3. Submit a letter from your current International Student Advisor indicating that you are permitted to enroll part-time at WOU
  4. Submit the completed form and the documents above by using one of the following methods:
  • Mail or drop off application to:

    Office of International Education and Development

    Western Oregon University

    345 N. Monmouth Ave

    Monmouth OR 97361

  • Fax to: 503-838-8338
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