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Thank you for your interest in WOU. This estimator is provided to help you calculate the minimum fees that will be assessed per term. Please note that additional fees may apply depending on the course of study that you chose to pursue and the specific courses for which you enroll. More information on fees can be found in our Special course and general service fees document (PDF download.)


IMPORTANT: If you are a current WOU student, access WOU on-line services approximately 2 - 3 weeks prior to the beginning of the term for a precise tuition and fee assessment based upon your specific academic program, student level, course level and actual course and credit enrollment. This tool will provide an estimate only.


Summer session tuition & fee calculator - 2019
Class Standing: Undergraduate   Graduate


Residency: Resident   Nonresident   WUE


Tuition Type: Western Promise 2018-19
Western Promise 2017-18
Western Promise 2016-17
Western Promise 2015-16
Western Promise 2014-15


Break-down of Costs:
Tuition: $0
Incidental Fee: $0
Building Fee: $0
Health Services: $0
Rec Center Building Fee: $0
Student Health Building Fee: $0
Estimated Total: $0


Note: In addition, first term new and transfer undergraduate students will pay a one-time Matriculation Fee of $350.00, graduate students $300.00.