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Q.  How is the Interdisciplinary Studies degree different from other degrees? The main difference is that most WOU majors require that you complete numerous courses that relate to one general subject area (for example: Biology, Psychology, etc.). The IDS major is much more broad, allowing you to combine multiple general interests in one major. The IDS major requires that you select 2-3 focus areas (for example: Creative Arts and Education), which allows you to broaden the scope of your learning outcomes and “create your own degree.”   

Q.  Is the Interdisciplinary Studies degree accepted for Graduate studies or recognized by employers? Yes, WOU degrees are recognized worldwide by employers and for Graduate studies. Since the title “Interdisciplinary Studies” is somewhat non-descriptive compared to other degrees, some employers may be less familiar with this degree, giving the student the opportunity to tout the advantages of the broader knowledge base they have received. The IDS 499 capstone course is also designed to assist students in articulating their narrative to prospective employers.

Q. Can I change my focus areas as I progress through my degree? Of course! Please talk to an IDS advisor to explore other focus area options. 

Q. Can transfer credits count towards the IDS major? Yes. However, you would need to make sure that you have earned or are planning to earn sufficient upper division (300-level or 400-level) courses to satisfy the IDS major requirements. When in doubt talk to your IDS advisor. 


Interdisciplinary Studies

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