Undergraduate Housing Options at Western Oregon University


When you move into the residence halls at Western Oregon University, you get a safe and secure place to live within a beautiful campus while you pursue your educational goals.
But that is just the basics . . .

The rooms and apartments that house our residents take on a life of their own when students move in.

Your room or apartment becomes your home – with the unique signature that only you and your roommate can breathe into it. The friendships made and the communities formed within these halls are as unique and varied as the individuals who gather here.

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Use the links below to view short professionally produced HD videos of various residential areas to get an idea of the basics for each hall – the size and contents of the rooms/apartments.

  • These videos are one minute or under in length and include information regarding maximum occupancy and amenities available within each facility.

video_ack_single Ackerman Double Arbor Park Middle Unit Arbor End Unit videos Butler TripleButler Kitchenette Gentle Triple Heritage Single Heritage DoubleLanders Hall



University Housing

(503) 838-8311 | or e-mail: housing@wou.edu  | Location: Ground floor of Ackerman Hall