Living and Learning Communities 

Living Learning Communities (LLCs) for all of our residents are set up to enhance your experiences at Western Oregon University by allowing you to take skills and concepts that you learn in your classroom(s) and bring them back to your living environment where you can share and explore them with like-minded students.

Where are the Living Learning Communities located at Western Oregon University?

Ackerman Hall will continue to be the designated hall for LLCs at WOU. Remember, Ackerman Hall serves as home during the academic year to both First-Year and Upper-Division students, the LLCs here are open to all.

Why do I want to live in an LLC?

If you are returning to live in an LLC, you know how dynamic these safe and collaborative communities can be. Students who choose an LLC will benefit from living and collaborating with peers, faculty and staff members who share their interests, and will foster and encourage their personal growth through programming and other unique opportunities. Following are some of the benefits of living in an LLC.

  • You will explore and collaborate not only with your fellow LLC peers, but also across campus, sharing and expanding your perspectives as you consider the views and opinions of others
  • You will live, connect with and be supported by a diverse community who share your interests, goals, and/or lifestyle choices
  • All of this leads to enhancing friendships developed within the LLC, and increasing networking within the larger University community – and, an overall more positive and satisfying college experience

THE LLCs available to students for the 2022-2023 Academic Year

There will be five Living Learning Communities for the 2022-2023 academic year, all located within Ackerman Hall.


Navigate your transition to WOU by connecting with other transfer students and the WOU community to build your student success network. Must be a transfer student.


Practice American Sign Language in an immersive cultural and linguistic environment with deaf and hearing signers of all levels. 


Build connections with other students interested in a career of law enforcement, corrections or community crime prevention.


Apply classroom learning and real-world experiences with other students passionate for educational environments.


Network with other highly motivated students (Associated Students of Honors – must be admitted to the Honors program at WOU) in an academically focused environment.



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