Your community wants YOU!

Here’s WHY you should get involved:

  • Hall government positions provide valuable real-life experiences. (If an employer is considering 2 candidates who are basically both qualified to fill their position and they see that you have spent time serving in your Hall Government, while the other candidate does not have that experience, chances are, you will get that job offer. Experience and Leadership skills matter
  • Joining hall government is the perfect stepping stone for getting involved in any future leadership position on campus. Today, Hall Gov, next year – ASWOU Student Body President! After that – who knows?!

Here’s how to get involved: CONTACT RHA

Here’s a basic timeline for the process regarding Hall Government Elections:

  • LATE SEPTEMBER – Hall Government Applications are available. See your RA.
  • EARLY OCTOBER – Campaigning! Be aware of campaign guidelines.
  • MID OCTOBER – HALL GOV ELECTIONS take place in each hall. Newly elected Hall Government members will be announced after election results are in.
  • MID OCTOBER – Hall Government Meetings. 


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