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YOUR SUCCESS – at Western Oregon University – and beyond, matters to each and every staff member and professor on campus. There is so much available to you right at your fingertips – check out the links below to find out when and where you can find help!

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Provides educational programming, information, and referral services to promote equity and non-violence.

LOCATION:  Werner University Center, #106

CONTACT:, 503-838-8219

Provides information to students regarding tuition and fee charges and payment options. Revolving charge account.

LOCATION:  First floor in the Administration building

CONTACT:, 503-838-8201

Provides students and families with counseling and advice about financial aid questions including federal, state and institutional aid options. 

LOCATION:  Administration Building #310

CONTACT:  503-838-8475 – 10:00 am – 5:00 pm, Monday – Friday

Provides food for any students,m staff, faculty or community member experiencing food insecurity. The Food Pantry can be accessed from the Southeast corner of the OMA building.   

LOCATION:  Oregon Military Academic Building

CONTACT:  503-838-8219 – See website for current term hours

Organizes programs that encourage academic advancement and social integration as well as providing individualized support for international students.    


CONTACT:, 503-838-8475 

Provides educational opportunities and programming for ethically and cultural diverse students and coordinates the Diversity Scholars and On-Track programs.     

LOCATION:  WUC 212 – various offices

CONTACT:, 503-838-8737

Provides reasonable accommodations to ensure students with documented disabilities have equal access to programs and services.     


CONTACT:, 503-838-8250 (voice), 512-5258 (video), 503-838-8721 (fax)

Assists international student with orientation to WOU and eligibility requirements.  

LOCATION:  Maaske Hall

CONTACT:, 503-838-8425 

Provides information to students regarding study abroad and international student exchange programs including applications and programming.

LOCATION:  Maaske Hall, 106

CONTACT:, 503-838-8425

Provides activities to enhance the social, intellectual, and aesthetic life of the campus community at WOU.


CONTACT:, 503-838-8261

Provides academic support services to students who are first generation college students, low income,or qualify as having a documented disability.

LOCATION:  Advising Center

CONTACT:,  503-838-8550 (TTY Accessible)

Offers free medical and counseling services to WOU students registered for six or more credits. These service include clinical services and confidential
counseling for individuals, couples, and groups. 

LOCATION:  Student Health and Counseling Center

CONTACT: 503-838-8313, Emergency and after-hours services

Provides resources to help students discover major, volunteer, internship , and career options, as well as to prepare for employment or graduate school after graduation.


CONTACT: 503-838-8432,

Individual tutoring appointments for requested classes, specifically targeting general education classes (excluding writing, math, and science – (see below).

LOCATION:  Academic Programs and Support Center, #401

CONTACT:,, 503-838-8428

Provides free drop-in tutoring and study space for mathematics classes (Math 60-300 level courses).

LOCATION:  Hamersly Library #228


Provides free drop-in tutoring and study space for 100 – 200 level Chemistry Biology, Earth Science and Physics classes.

LOCATION:  Hamersly Library #124


Responsible for managing and updating student records and assists with issues regarding registration, transcripts, grades, Degree Tracks, enrollment verification, and graduation. 

LOCATION:  Administration Building #104

CONTACT:, 503-838-8327

Offers services and resources for active duty, reserves, National Guard, veteran and military dependent students.  


CONTACT:, 503-838-9246

Supports students’ development and success as college writers by providing peer tutors for one-one assistance. 


CONTACT:, 503-838-8286




University Housing

(503) 838-8311 | or e-mail:  | Location: Ground floor of Ackerman Hall