Named in honor of John Henry Ackerman, and the lasting contributions he made while serving as President of this institution, Ackerman Hall stands in testament to Ackerman’s commitment to students, innovation and the high standards which were paramount to his career.

Consideration was given not only to the close proximity of this residence hall, which is located within the residential complex (where many of the halls are named after past presidents of this institution), but also on the focus of the hall, which is to provide a living space that is not only state of the art in terms of its commitment to sustainability but also a place of learning and diversity.

There are three distinct wings that make up Ackerman building. In keeping with John Henry Ackerman’s efforts to recognize talented and committed faculty, combined with University Housing’s goal to involve faculty as mentors in the educational opportunities offered to the residents of Ackerman Hall, each of these three wings are named after notable faculty that Ackerman recruited during his tenure as President of the Oregon Normal School.

The designation of the wings of Ackerman Hall are as follows:

WEST WING: Laura J. Taylor
TAYLOR WING – Which houses the following communities:

FLOOR 1: The Transfer Community – available only to residents who transfer into Western Oregon University

FLOOR 2: The Global Connections Community

FLOOR 3: The Business Community

FLOOR 4: The Future Educators Community

EAST WING: L.P. Gilmore
GILMORE WING – Which houses the following communities:

FLOOR 1: University Housing Offices – no residential spaces

FLOOR 2: The Health Sciences Community

FLOOR 3: The Criminal Justice Community

FLOOR 4: The Creative Arts Community

SOUTH WING: Katharine Arbuthnot
ARBUTHNOT WING – Which houses the following communities:

FLOOR 1: Academic classrooms / Lobby – no residential spaces

FLOOR 2: The Outdoor Adventures Community

FLOOR 3: The American Sign Language Community

FLOOR 4: The Honors Community –
Requires clearance from the Honors Program, please contact University Housing

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