Promote your WOU Organization, Club or Event on Res-Life Cinema

When students watch a movie via Res-Life Cinema (the FREE moving streaming service that all residential students have access to while on campus) there are ads – they are called “bumpers” that are included at the start of each movie that viewers cannot fast forward through.  University Housing would like to offer this venue to WOU organizations and clubs to  use to promote  their WOU events with.

Would you like to have your group’s event promoted every time a student watches a movie on any device while on campus?


Then take a look at the information below to see how you can set up your “bumper ad” to promote your next event!

  • University Housing has a maximum of 3 “bumper ad” spots available at any one time. Ads are scheduled on a first-come first-served basis, and are only available to promote WOU clubs or organizations and their sponsored events or programs.
  • Ads will run prior to the beginning of each movie a student views.
  • You can submit a static image (will show for 15 seconds) or a video that is 15 to 30 seconds maximum in length.
  • All postings must be pre-approved by the Student Affairs Office. For Details – Please see: 
  • Posting of submitted materials is subject to the discretion of University Housing – see above for maximum number of bumper postings at any one time. 
  • You can submit either a static image file or a short video to promote your organization/event. (See below for technical parameters).
  • REMEMBER – keep your promotion short and to the point. Do not use a lot of text and when you do use text – use large text size and simple, easy to read fonts.
  • Videos must be a MAXIMUM of 30 seconds in length (we suggest between 15 and 30 seconds), and look best in 16:9 ratio (1920X1080 or 1280 X720 pixels).
  • We accept videos in mp4 format. (If you are creating something in Power Point, you can save your final version as an mp4 video file) or just send us your YouTube file link!
  • If needed, consider captioning your video. (YouTube captions automatically).
  • Need some further assistance?  Contact the Digital Media Center in the Hamersly Library for  further assistance with your promotional video/graphics.
  • Alternatively you can submit a static image for your promotion. It too will look best if it’s size is 16:9 ratio (1920X1080 or 1280 X720 pixels). It will be most visible in landscape format, with limited amounts of large text. Your image file will show for 10-15 seconds.
  • We accept images in jpg, gif and png formats.

WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? Fill out the form below!

Advertise on Res-Life Cinema (1)

Form for Western Oregon University groups/clubs to promote on-campus events or programs on Res-Life Cinema.
  • Should we have any questions regarding your request, where can we email you?
  • What is the name of the WOU group or club and/or event that you wish to promote with a bumper ad.
  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY
    Please give us your proposed start date for your bumper ad. NOTE: We allow only a maximum of 4 bumper ads at any one time.
  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY
    Please give us your proposed end date for your bumper ad. NOTE: We allow only a maximum of 4 bumper ads at any one time.
  • Upload static images here. Images can be in gif, jpg or png format, and will be more readable in landscape orientation with large text, and also look best at 16:9 ratio.
  • Accepted file types: mp4.
    Remember, videos should be in mp4 format, a max of 15 seconds long and will look best at 16:9 ratio.

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