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You are a student. You work hard.

You have to grab your chances to relax when you can – and that is where Res Life Cinema comes in.

Whether you have a half hour between classes to catch a TV show on your phone in the WUC – or are ready to watch a movie at midnight in your room – Res Life Cinema has you covered! Entertainment that YOU CHOOSE and enjoy when YOU have the time!

Each month during the academic year, look for an email from the Res Life Team with a list of movies / TV shows for you to vote on. Then wherever you are on campus, access the current selection to watch what you want – when you want to watch!

RELAX – and enjoy!

Did you know that you can Promote your WOU Organization, Club or Event on Res-Life Cinema?
The answer is “YES! You can – and it is FREE!”

If you are interested in promoting or sharing information about your WOU event use the link below for general and technical details to help us help you to get the word out to our residential students about your event.

Res-Life Cinema Promotions