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Learn. Laugh. LIVE ON CAMPUS!

The Housing Renewal process is set up for our current residents to easily select the room and or apartment AND the roommate of their choice to live on-campus during the next academic year.
There are no applications to fill out, no fees involved*. Starting in the spring of the year, you will be invited to use the online Housing Renewal process to make your selections online for the coming academic year – before any other incoming students are invited to choose their space for next fall.


Living on-campus. It is close. It is convenient. It is SAFE. It is conducive to your success as a student and in building a network of friends and peers that will last a lifetime! See below for some details and dates regarding the process for this year.

Keep an eye on your WOU email in February. We will send you information, invitations and updates regarding the process. For basic information see: Housing Renewal
A link will be emailed to you by late-February to access our roommate matching program. Use it! Find and match up with your perfect roommate. 
TENTATIVE Timeline for the Process:

MARCH 3:  Log onto the Portal /access your Housing Overview. (Look for WOU University Housing) You will need to:

1.  Read and Understand the terms and conditions for Housing Renewal.

2.  Make any updates to your personal information needed.

3.  Check to see that your chosen roommates are listed. They will need to mutually list you as well.

4.  Look on your portal to see your start time/date to make your Room / Apartment selection

MARCH 9:  Room Selection start time slots will begin.

MAY 1, 5:00 pm:  Financial Commitment deadline. Anyone who cancels their room selection after 5:00 pm will have the $450 Financial Commitment fee* charged to their account.



*Once a selection has been made then, and only then, you will commit to your selection. You have until 5:00 May 1 to cancel any selection you make or are pulled into.
f  you cancel AFTER 5:00 MAY 1, your account will be charged the $450 financial commitment fee. 



University Housing

(503) 838-8311 | or e-mail: housing@wou.edu  | Location: Ground floor of Ackerman Hall