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You have been accepted to attend Western Oregon University, and you have reserved your space for housing – NOW What?


We are excited to have you join our community! We want to keep you informed, answer questions that you may have and give you a glimpse into life on campus so that all you feel as you move forward towards Move-In day is as EXCITED as we are!

If we miss something along the way, please feel free to contact University Housing & Campus Dining with your request – we are here to help you!




From the time you apply through Check-In Sunday, there are important dates to be aware of.

You can access that information at:



Well, we have welcomed you to our community. We have told you about calendars, vacations, breaks and our mailing schedule. Have you seen our video of the in’s and out’s of college life?  It was created by one of our students – about her first-year experience living on campus. It is pretty cool so if you haven’t seen it – you can access it on our Campus Life webpage.

Now, how about a little more detail about each of the halls that we have to offer our on-campus residents? Sound good?

Housing at Western Oregon University is broken loosely into two groups: First-Year residents and Upper Division residents.

Let’s start off by defining out First-Year residents. University Housing considers any student who attends Western Oregon University within one year of high school graduation to be a First-Year student. We are committed to a First-Year Live-In Requirement for this group of students, and for the most part these students will be living in Heritage, Landers, Ackerman and perhaps Barnum Hall.

Heritage Hall and Landers Hall house only First-Year students and feature community living options which include double rooms, limited single rooms (very limited availability – higher rates apply), shared community bathrooms and public areas for group activities. A community kitchen is available for students to prepare special and community meals here in addition to lounges and community areas.

Ackerman Hall is our newest residence hall. Opened in the Fall of 2010, Ackerman Hall is a Leed Platinum certified green building and is home to our Living-Learning Communities. Ackerman houses both First-Year and Upper Division residents in primarily double rooms. Ackerman offers some single rooms (very limited availability – higher rates apply) as well, with community bathrooms and a gender-neutral bathroom on each floor. Ackerman residents enjoy the use of a community kitchen, lap-top bars in community lounges, study nooks, and study rooms on the first floor.

The suite-style rooms of Barnum Hall round out the accommodation list for housing potentially both First-Year and Upper-Division students. Each Barnum suite houses 3 students with a separate study/living area, private bathroom and sleeping area which can be closed off from the living area. Barnum residents can pick up a key from the Residential Service Center to any of the community kitchens available in the halls for any specialty cooking or community events they may want to plan. Currently for Fall of 2019 Barnum is scheduled to house only Upper-Division students.

All other students will fall into the Upper-Division group. Their primary halls will be Ackerman Hall, perhaps Barnum Hall and the Arbor Park Apartments. (Arbor Park is made up of Cedar, Noble and Spruce halls and these facilities are Upper-Division only). Whether you spent last year here with us or are transferring to Western Oregon University from another school – We are glad to have you here!
As an Upper-Division student you are not required to live on campus, but we hope that you choose to take advantage of the convenience, safety and value that living on campus can provide for you!  Use the links below to read more about our Upper-Division housing advantages and options!



What about EATING on campus? What about my COMPUTER – what do I need to know? Getting familiar with some of the basic policies and procedures while living on campus, and finding out who to call in the event that you need a little assistance. We have some information for you on those topics as well!

I have my hall assignment and I am coming to campus – WHAT SHOULD I BRING?


Now do you have questions? Chances are that if you are unsure of something, someone else is as well! Take a look at our FAQ page(s) and see if you can find the answers that you seek. If not, please feel free to contact University Housing – we are here to help, and if we can’t answer your question, we will find someone for you who can!



University Housing

(503) 838-8311 | or e-mail: housing@wou.edu  | Location: Ground floor of Ackerman Hall