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The Family of WOU

When you decide to attend at Western, you become family!

University Housing is no different than any other department of campus.
Our students are at the very heart of everything that we do. 



Your student has worked hard all year, managing online classwork, labs, studying, and writing papers in pursuit of their education  – all with the overlying stress of a pandemic.

Finals begin just a few short weeks away in June – Nothing says “Good Work – we are PROUD of YOU!” quite like a care package! The Residence Hall Association has teamed up with On Campus Marketing to put together some amazing Care Packages – Order One for Your Student Today!


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Resources for Parents and Families

In Support of your Student

As a parent or family member of a WOU student, you have a unique opportunity to support and influence your student throughout their college career – especially as they transition to college for their first term.

Whether your student is a first-year student or transferred to Western to finish their degree,  use the resources that we have here in support of your student and their college career at Western Oregon University.


Designed to touch bases with your student and begin the process of empowering your student to take action on their own, the conversation begins in September. Remember:

“Empowering your student to advocate for themselves is a necessary life skill” – Dr. Kristin M. Mauro, Ph.D., Western Oregon University

  1. How is living on campus – or commuting – as the case may be – going?
  2. How are your professors?  Do you like one or the other better – do you have a favorite? Why?
  3. Are you staying organized and on top of class work?
  4. Do you know of important deadlines for classes? Housing? for this term? See:  Academic Calendar
  5. Are you involved in any student organizations? If not, check out the Student Life links on the Student Affairs website (link above).

Depending upon when you engage in this conversation with your student, they have been on campus for a couple of weeks to a month. How are they doing – it is time to find out – and help out a bit, if needed.

  1. How are classes going – are you struggling with anything? Again, refer to resources on the Student Affairs website if needed. Link above.
  2. Have you talked to any professors – they can be great resources – and eventually, references!
  3. Have you been checking your university email?
  4. Are you responding to emails from faculty, advisors, housing – super important in an ever-increasing virtual world!
  5. Do you know when your next advising appointment is? Have you considered making a 4-year plan with your academic advisor?
  6. How are your finances doing, do you need any extra funds?

It is November. Mid-Terms have come and gone. How is your student doing?

  1. How did you do on your mid-terms – do you feel like you  are doing well – or do you need some help? Again, Student Affairs resources above.
  2. Registration for next term starts soon – or has started. Have you talked to your advisor about classes for next term?
  3. Do you know what your schedule will be for Winter Term? Do you have a back-up in case you can’t get a class that you need/want?
  4. Do you have any holds on your file?

This year may be a little bit different, but wherever you student is – whether at home or on-campus in December – check in with them. See how they are dealing with all the new changes and the academic challenges that college has brought. 

  1. Finals are coming – are you taking care of yourself? What are you doing to manage stress?
  2. What does Winter term look like? Did you get all the classes you wanted? Are you wait-listed for any courses?
  3. When is your last exam? When (if living on campus) do you need to be out of the residence halls?
  4. Are you coming home for Winter Break? If so, do  you know what you want to bring home with you? Remember to include items you no longer need. Start a list of items that you will need for the coming term.
  5. Have you checked in with your Advisor to calculate your GPA for the term?

WHAT is it like to live on campus?

It is an amazing experience and one you won’t want to miss!

When you live on campus, you will be welcomed into a  safe, supported and inclusive community where you will not only be able to pursue your educational goals, but also have the tools, opportunities and resources to grow personally and to make memories and connections to last a lifetime. 

On Campus living is your
returning student’s best bet

Here’s why:

Living on campus is safe, ultra convenient and in the long run –
Your student’s most economical choice for living.

Whether you have a student who is a new incoming First-Year student, or an Upper-Division student either currently living on campus or transferring to Western. You will save money and you will save time – all while knowing that your student is living with friends and peers, surrounded by an entire network that is  set up and dedicated to support your student – Academically, Socially and Personally.


University Housing operates under a shared mission. That mission is supported by our departmental vision, and we strive to support that vision through our Core Values. And what is behind this mission that we have dedicated ourselves to?  Simple –