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Heritage Hall

Heritage Hall houses First-Year residents and is located within the residential complex on the corner of Stadium Drive and Monmouth Avenue, on the north end of campus.

Overlooking Monmouth Avenue, Heritage provides comfortable living space for approximately 400 First-Year students and up to 12 live-in resident assistants.


Please use the links directly below  to see details for Heritage including how bathrooms are laid out and the amenities that are offered for Heritage. Continue down the page to see overhead floor plans for both a single and a double layout in Heritage and how the three “wings” of the hall are laid out.

  • 4 Floors, 3 Wings per Floor, all accessed via elevator as well as stairs.
  • Houses First-Year ONLY students.
  • Double Rooms: Approximately 162 square feet.
  • Single Rooms (very limited): Approximately 115 square feet.
  • Close to Valsetz Dining Hall, the Residential Service Center, Hamersly Library, and the Richard Woodcock Education Center. The Health and Wellness Center and the main body of campus are just minutes away – well within walking distance.
  • There is an additional cost to stay in this hall during Winter and Spring break. See your Residential Contract for details.
  • Same gender community bathrooms/showers are located on each of the 3 wings of each floor.
  • One gender-neutral restroom on each floor.
  • Heritage rooms and hallways are carpeted.
  • Rooms accessed from interior corridors.
  • There are common space/ meeting lounges in each community.
  • Heritage residents also have access to study rooms, free laundry for residents within the facility, and high speed wireless internet with tech support.
  • A community kitchen is located on floor 2, and community/games rooms are available on floors 2, 3 and 4. A community TV is available in the 2nd floor community games room.
  • Equipped with an elevator for easy accessibility.
  • All residential students have the opportunity to stream movies to the device of their choice via Res-Life Cinema!


Measurements and Details

See our Master Room Specs Sheet for details regarding the furnishings within a Heritage Hall room.

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