2019 Theses (Updated after June Commencement)
    • Kayla Baker – Why Art Matters in an Increasingly Analytical World: Artistic Means of Communicating Scientific Concepts
    • Natasha Bogdanovic – Initiating and Improving Business Relations in Serbia: Analysis and Recommendations
    • Nicole Bolstad – “The Show Must Go On!” But Where?: The Use of American Sign Language Interpretation in the Theater
    • Nicole Caldwell – Spokesmen for Speechless Sufferers: An Analysis of Trauma and Division in World War I Poetry and Vietnam War Protest Music
    • Tori Crumrine – Polyploidy and Water: Relations Traits in Rubus
    • Kaylee DeBolt – An Examination of Sex-Differences in Emotion Identification as Influenced by BDSM Negotiations
    • Meghan Doerfler – “Shit Show” or Everyone That Needs to go to the Bathroom Should Go Now: Personal Experiences No One Thinks They Need to Know
    • Antoinette Gowen – Priority Registration for Student-Athletes at Western Oregon University
    • AJ Holmberg – A Film Analysis of Makoto Shinkai’s Garden of Words, 5cm per Second, and Your Name
    • Sarah Hughes – The Effects of Rhythm Versus Visual Images on Working Memory Recall
    • Grace Livengood – A Guidebook to a Bilingual Educational System from a Firsthand Perspective
    • Jacob Martin – Shock and Awe: Surprising Revelations on Cognition
    • Brianne Moodie – Super-size to Super-small: McMansions, Tiny Houses, and applied New Materialism
    • Arden Murakami – Application of the Dynamic Systems Theory to the Elder Population
    • Aidan Ohnemus – D&D 5E Mass Combat Simulation
    • Erin Roan – Learning about Language: A Teacher’s Guide
    • BillyAnn Stempel – Combatting Comprehensive School Garden Program Implementation Barriers in High Need Areas
    • Lauren Sundvall – Blood of the Iron Woods: A Graphic Novel Exploration of the Modern Gothic Horror Experience
    • Jordyn Watanabe – Health Risks Involved with Prolonged Sitting: Spreading Awareness to College Students
    • Kaitlin Weider – Shattered Green: A Novel


2018 Theses
    • Madison Adrian – Lived Experiences of Disability: Two Life Stories
    • Christina Ayers – The Impact of Artist Fame and Viewer Socioeconomic Status on Art Likeability
    • Natasha R. Bogdanovic – Initiating and Improving Business Relations in Serbia: Analysis and Recommendations
    • Taylar Boyer – On the Issue of Reproducibility in Psychology and a Model Replication Study
    • Janel Chandler – Chronic Pain: Physiological Foundations, Psychological Effects, Common Treatments, and New Directions
    • Rebekah Cheeley – Achieving Immersive Gameplay: Interpreters and Video Game Accessibility
    • Amanda Clarke – Black, Red, and Gold [novel]
    • Carter Craig – Religious Roots for the Puritan Morality Laws During the Interregnum
    • Olivia DeJanvier – Compassion versus Criminalization: Is Portland Setting an Example of How to Help the Homeless?
    • Jessica Donahue – A Study of Talc-Containing Cosmetics and Their Potential Asbestos Contamination
    • Jessica L. Freeman – The Distribution and Abundance of Aquatic of Macrophytes Between Nearshore and Farshore Transects at the Harriman State Park of Idaho Trumpeter Swan Wintering Ground, 1988-2015
    • Lauren Hebing – Persuasion in the Millennial Era: A Case Study of KONY 2012
    • Ashley Heeter – Student Veteran’s Perceptions of Campus Support
    • Amanda Lehman – Quality of Life Among Jamaican Women: Trends Over the Past Two Decades
    • Josephina Losco – The Effects of Multiple Mild Traumatic Brain Injuries and Task Difficulty on Cognitive Function
    • Sara Madden – Emmanuel Ringelblum’s Warsaw Ghetto Archive and the Uprising of 1943
    • Leslie Martinez – Hispanic Advertising and Higher Education: Using Advertising to Encourage Hispanic Enrollment at WOU
    • Mikaela Gabrielle C. Mendoza – A Visual Mover: Dance and Movement Therapy for Autism Spectrum
    • Karisa Merrill – Blindfolded for Science: An Integration of Dance as Therapy for Visually Impaired or Blind Individuals
    • Kristin Norman – Listening In: The Work We Do Now – A Conversation Analysis of Power Dynamics Between Podcast Hosts
    • Aaron Orr – Changes in the Willamette Valley: The Creation of a Preliminary GIS of Oregon’s River Water Quality
    • Kalli Ramsey – “Well, Watson, what do you make of it?”: An In-Depth Look at Sherlock Holmes as a Hero
    • Hevin N. Robertson – Taking Offense: An Exploration of Racist, Misleading, and Problematic Language in Textbooks
    • Rachel Schneider – Safe Routes to Monmouth Elementary School
    • Elissa Sorenson – “Face Your Fears?” Exploring the Complexities of the Human Mind through Visual Storytelling
    • Amanda Vander Hyde – Vietnamese Water Puppetry: The Practical Development of the Structure and Form
    • Ella Young – Luminance [novel]


2017 Theses
    • Rowan Cheney – Kinesthetic Teaching Strategies for Adults in a Lecture Setting
    • Sarah Cotter – Building a Cast of Clones: Examining Stanislavski’s Theories in the Context of Maslany’s Performances in Orphan Black
    • Sydney Culpepper – Young People are Always on Their Phones: A Sociolinguistic Analysis of Text Messaging
    • Patricia Desrosiers – Sign Language Interpreting in Healthcare Settings: Who is Qualified?
    • Aleisha Douthitt – The Music Experience
    • Erika Fitzpatrick – Saving All That Remains
    • Samantha Gallagher – The Physical Space of the Classroom and its Impact on Creativity
    • Austin Gehrett – College Students’ Feelings and Sex Differences When Having Children With Disabilities
    • Elaina Glasscock – LIGHT: Emotion in Painting
    • Rachel Gordon – The Importance of Self-Care for ASL/English Interpreters
    • Julia Grabhorn – Elementary Education in Finland and the United States
    • Cierra Henderson – Effects of the Asperger Label
    • Audrey Jones – Interactive Whiteboards in the Early Elementary Classroom: Efficacy and Funding
    • Jethna Korecki – Felt with the Heart: A Domestic Student’s Journey with International Students
    • Sofia LeVernois – Tax Implications of Recreational Marijuana in the United States
    • Sarah Lundquist – The Effect of Labels Related to Hearing Loss on Implicit Attitudes Toward Deafness
    • Alissa McAlpine – Keep in Touch: An Analysis of Visual and ProTactile American Sign Language
    • Richelle McDaniel – Health Effects on Women from Systematic and Organized Violence in the Middle East: How Humanitarian Aid Organizations can Lessen the Gender Inequality Gap
    • Kathryn Nance – Chicano English in Children’s Literature
    • Gianne Shelby Pabustan – The Authenticity of Hula in Japan
    • Howard Passmore – Developing Open Source Alternatives to Proprietary Software
    • Robin Roemer – Knitting in 21st Century America: The Culture and Ideology of Knitting Groups in Rural Oregon
    • Sam Stageman – Whitewashing of the Stonewall Riots
    • McKenzie Stepper – Physical Activity in the Elementary School Classroom
    • Ashley Templeton – Physical Activity in the Elementary School Classroom
    • Daniel Thom – A Cognitive Linguistic Approach to Phrasal Verbs: A Teacher’s Guide
    • Clarissa Toplar – Eating and Emotions: The Effect of Dark Chocolate and Apples on Mood levels
    • Alexandra Vandenberghe – Whole Foods: Making a Case for Real Nutrition
    • Julie Wallace – Understanding the Syrian Revolution Through Nontraditional Art
    • Laura White – Using Children’s Books to Teach Mathematics
    • Chelsea Wiley – Therapeutic and Health Benefits of Horse-Human Interactions
    • Brianna Williford – Oral Histories, Women, and Sport in Late Twentieth-Century America
    • Kathryn Wilson – A Polynomial in A of the Diagonalizable and Nilpotent Parts of A


2016 Theses 
    • Alyssa Adams – Quantification of Aspartame in Diet Sodas
    • Kaylee Church – Spiraling Insects
    • Vanna Dejeu – Thematic Tension between Trauma and Triumph in Hideaki Anno’s Neon Genesis Evangelion 
    • Leah Fechter – Altruism and Well-Being
    • Anna Olivia Funk – William Holman Hunt and the Pre-Raphaelites:  Artistic Aims, Worldview, and Influence on Nineteenth-Century Culture
    • Sarah Celia Funk – God of Hades: A Play in Two Acts
    • Molly Geranio – Location of Pheromone Production and/or Expression in Red-sided Garter Snakes (Thamnophis sirtalis parietalis)
    • John Goldsmith – The Evolution of Queer Representation in the Young Adult Genre
    • Shantell Guyton – The Birthing Effect
    • Max Hebing – Perceived Task Difficulty and Procrastination in College Students
    • Cierra Henderson – Effects of the Asperger Label
    • Jennifer Hight – The Nuremberg Laws: The Road to the T-4 Program
    • Isaac Keister – Technology and Strategy:  The War in Vietnam
    • Joshua Leisner Familiarization
    • Rozina Lethe – Carrying Capacity – A Modeling Approach
    • Sofia LeVernois – Tax Implications of Recreational Marijuana in the United States
    • Tyler McAfee – Commuting Pairs in Finite Non-Abelian Groups and Associated Probabilities
    • Emily Parker – Delaying Dementia Through Mental Stimulation: A Service Learning Project 
    • Jared Petersen – MEAN Web Application Development with Agile Kanban
    • Sarah Pettigrew – Discrimination and Hate Crime against the Trans* Community
    • Courtney Richardson – Female Director Takes Hollywood by Storm: Is She a Beauty or a Visionary 
    • Robin Roemer – Knitting in 21st Century America: The Culture and Ideology of Knitting Groups in Rural Oregon 
    • Anny Hope Sheie – Research Based Best Practices for Teaching Mathematics and Improving Math Attitudes 
    • Braden Shribbs – The Changing Landscape of Hollywood: From the USA to China 
    • Katarina Smith – Trend Analysis of Depression and Anxiety in College Students 
    • Nathan Tew – People of WOU: A study of the perception of diversity at Western Oregon University
    • Ruby Tidwell – Caught in the Web: The Importance of Ethical Computing Illustrated via an Exploration of the Online Recruitment of Women and Girls into Sex Trafficking 
    • Stephanie Torrez – Antibiotics: A Vital Aspect of Medicine Turned Public Health Concern
    • Natalie Wallace – Innate Magnetic Directional Preference in Drosophila melanogaster 
    • Emily Walley – Legendary: Was King Arthur a Living Hero or a Popular Legend? 
    • Erica Wills – The Arctic Avengers: Investigating, Developing, and Implementing Community Engagement Strategies for Polar Bear Conservation


2015 Theses
    • David Avery – Recognition Algorithms for 2-Tree Probe Interval Graphs
    • Mackenzie Brendle – Gender Representation of Catwoman in Live Action Films
    • Camarie Campfield – Portfolio Optimization: A Modeling Perspective
    • Keelie Daquilanto – Imposter Syndrome Among Pre-Service TESOL Teachers
    • Kathryn Koppel – Online Education for K-12, the Growing Job Market: Are Education Majors Ready?
    • Aubrey Fear – The Effects of Color Preference on Word List Recall
    • J.J. Garcia – 2A Delivery
    • McKenzie Johnston – Social Anxiety and Fandoms: Does Socials Support Make a Difference?
    • Tristan Knope-Jenkins – Painting in Data
    • Meghan Link – Increasing Adequate Social Interactions Among People With and Without Disabilities
    • Olevia McKay – Grammatical Madness:  A Step Away from Formal Instruction
    • Amanda McMasters – Effective Strategies for Preventing Recidivism Among Juveniles
    • Reina Morgan – The Effects of Peppermint and Orange Aromas on Mood and Task Performance
    • Carlee Nelson – CHOSEN: Reaching Across the Continent in Faith
    • Mary K. Rice – Teaching Children to Learn, Not to Test
    • Eli Zachary: Selection of a Directional Preference in Drosophila melanogaster
2014 Theses
    • Zander Albertson – Effects of Dams and Irrigation on the Deschutes River, Oregon
    • Sheridan Bailey – Bridging Generation Y: A Commentary on the Financial Development of Young Adults in the New Millennium
    • Katy Barlean – Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13): The Imminent Threat Inside Our Borders
    • Carolee Buck – Medical Botany in the Treatment of HIV and AIDS
    • Hayley Dickinson – Tobacco Use on College Campuses: Should Smoking be Banned?
    • Stephanie Eaton – Common Core Math: A Guide
    • Kayli Fisher – Understanding Heroin Addiction from the Life Course Perspective
    • Jose Garcia – Why College?: Making the Decision
    • Kelsey Gray – Study Abroad Reentry: Emotional Aspects
    • Bethany Haight – The Impact of World War I on American Women’s Fashion
    • Chloe Hansen – Theatrical Interpreting: An Explanation of the Process
    • Jillian Johnson – Playing with Permutations: Examining Mathematics in Children’s Toys
    • Zachary Jones – There is No Law Here: Vigilantism, Militarism and Metropolitanism in Coos County, Oregon 1912-1913
    • Annelise Marshall – Perón: the Ascent and Decline to Power
    • Alyssa Palmer – Cancer Research: A Quest for a Cure
    • Olivia Reed – Bullfighting: At What Cost Should Culture Be Preserved?
    • Trevor Ross – Queer (In)equality: An In-depth Look at Discrimination towards the LGBTQ Community
    • Daniel Tew – Pedagogy of Teaching History: Comparing the Chronologic and Thematic Approaches
    • Marissa Thompson – Julius: A Study of Hitchcockian Film
    • Bonnie Wells – More Than Human: A Critical Evaluation of the Intersection of Character and Theme in Mike Mignola’s Hellboy


2013 Theses
    • Macy Bothman – Bilingual Physical Education
    • Rosie Brown – Dropping the Lowest Score: A Mathematical Analysis of a Common Grading Practice
    • Allason Fewx – The Arrow of Defiance
    • Merry Fuller – Writing a Novel: The Process and its Implications in Teaching
    • Tayleranne Gillespie – Celebrating a Centennial: The Design, Implementation and Evaluation of a Multi-Media Public Interest Campaign
    • Krista Harrington – Possible but Ethical? A bioethical investigation into medical manipulation, emerging technology and ethics
    • Angela Haslam – Literacy Support for Children with Autism
    • Bailey Hough – Highly Mobile Students in the Elementary Classroom
    • Amy Keithley – Experiential Education: Teaching Elementary Mathematics with a Deweyan Framework
    • Kristin Mahoney – Acculturation versus Assimilation: A Comparative Analysis of Standard Written English and ASL
    • Jenae Nelson – The Elementary School Classroom: Implementing Multiple Learning Styles
    • Emmy Olsen – An English Handbook for the Spanish Classroom: English to Spanish Grammar Clarification for Learners of Spanish
    • Jerielle Raibley – The Potential Conflict between Forensic Ethnic Identification and Societal Interpretation in America
    • Heidi Ramp – Pick Me, Pick Me: The Theory and Construction Behind the Conference Proposal
    • Lisa Rogers – Second Language Acquisition: An exploration of Effective Pedagogies
    • Trevor Roush – Pay for Performance on Quality of Healthcare: Justified Transition or Policy Fad?
    • Alyssa Schmidt – Answering the Question Why: The Theoretical Foundations to Instructional Choices in a Middle School Mathematics Class
    • Ariel Setniker – Linear Independence of Function Spaces
    • Mike Stevenson – Crime Analysis: Issues in the Field
    • Christopher Tasner – Permutations and Combination Locks
    • Sophia Wellons – Investigating the Gap Year
    • Joceline Wynn – Stage management: an artistic approach to the symbiotic relationships within a theatre
2012 Theses
    • Wendy Bryant – Sharing Stories: Insights on the Holistic Experiences of Latino ELLs
    • Diedra CatesMy Reflexive Journey: A Korean American Adoptee’s Return to South Korea
    • Tabitha McAfeeTeaching Strategies for the High School Math Classroom
    • Chris McFetridge – Demystifying the Performance Authentic: Translation, Preference, and the New Aesthetic
    • David O’Rourke – Independent Game Development: The Making of Paze
    • Paige O’RourkeThe Search for Self: Childhood Interiors and Identity in Contemporary Young Adult Literature
    • Marina SikoraHigher Education, Critical Pedagogy, and Non-Traditional Students
    • Nancy Sorensen – Delving into Dance and Gender
    • Steven Thomson – Detection Limits of Derivatized Methamphetamine Using Gold Nanoparticles and Surface-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy
    • Ermine ToddCreative Synthesis: Collaborative Cross-Disciplinary Studies in the Arts
    • Karin Traweek – Oregon Gray Wolf Reintroduction, Conservation, and Management Evaluation
    • Melissa Wiener – Super Fish Quest — A Video Game


2011 Theses
    • Rebekah Beyer – A Figure of Thought: Conceptual Metaphor in Children’s Preschool Narrative Picture Books
    • Bryan DanaherA Graphic Novelization: Coriolanus, Act 1
    • Aaron Dull Tales of Ungdar: Prophecy of the Eldests [novel]
    • Sierra Durfee – A Modern Construction of a Corset and a Short Look at HIstorical and Social Aspects
    • Crystal Hanson – Working in Harmony: The Process of Writing Music and Lyrics for a Musical
    • Rachel HermansonCharacterization of the Female Attractiveness Pheromone in the Red-Spotted Garter Snake, Thamnophis sirtalis concinnus
    • Maria HommesA Knight of Fashion: Costuming an Amateur Musical
    • Kady Hossner – Extensions of Cayley-Sudoku Constructions
    • Joel Kobzeff – A Brief Disquisition on the Ethics Philosophy of Ayn Rand: The Objectivist Theory of Morality — A Discourse on Value, Reality, the Virtue of Egoism, the Immorality of Sacrifice, and the Failure of Subjectivist Ethics
    • Nicole MillerCommunity-Based Policing and the Mentally Ill
    • Alysse Parker – Sir Gawain and the Green Knight: Creating a New Musical
    • Michael Petrovich – Seasonal Effects on the White Blood Cell Percentages of Lower Invertebrates
    • Angelica Strickland – Benefits of Foreign Language Instruction
2010 Theses
    • Jenny Barnes – The Dancing Classroom: Benefits of Using Creative Dance and Movement to Increase Learning for Students with and without ADD/ADHD
    • Danielle Buffington-TebonComo Se What: The Importance of the Reading/Writing Connection for English Language Learners in the Middle School Language Arts Classroom
    • Tasha Burlison-TrumpA Qualitative Analysis of Student Motivations, Intentions, and Participation in a Breast Cancer Advocacy Internship
    • Allison Glasscock – The Complications of Philosophy: Fortune, Happiness, Evil, and Free Will in Boethius’ Consolation of Philosophy
    • David HawesBeowulf the RPG
    • Justin KarrPolyunsaturated Fatty Acids: Health, the Brain, and the Human Diet
    • Lisa Martini – The Influence of High Fructose Corn Syrup on the Diabetes Epidemic
    • Hillary K. MillsThe Theories Informing Literature Circle Implementation
    • Stephanie Shields – Developing Female Self-Efficacy for Middle School Mathematics
    • Evan Sorce – Increasing the Power: The Traditional Role of the Vice President Before and After Vice President Cheney
    • Nicole Teague – Movement in the Classroom: Integrating Movement into Elementary School Curriculum
    • Jaclyn Thompson – A Tale of Two American Cities: A Look at Lifestyles
    • Samuel Thompson – Retirement Investing Through Target Date Funds


2009 Theses
    • Dustin Byers – The Kansas-Nebraska Act of 1854 and the Failure of the Political Process
    • Rebecca ChaddKnow Thyself: The Self-Revelatory Nature of the Creative Process
    • Ashley KuehlweinThe Media Effects on the Perceptions and Foreign Policies Surrounding the Chechan Fight for Independence between 1985 and 1995
    • Betsy McDonald – Museums and National Identity: the Case of the Parthenon Sculptures
    • Chelsey Miller Pheromone Specificity and Reproductive Isolation in Garter Snakes
    • Kimber SavilleEffects of Cognitive Inhibitory Abilities on Cortisol Responsiveness and Cognition
    • Annaka Wendt – Louisa: A Collection of Stories and Musings
    • Stephanie WoodsWith this Ring: Religious Implications for Marital Horizons in Emerging Adulthood
    • Lauren Zegers – The State of Education: An Examination of No Child Left Behind
2008 Theses
    • Tricia Brigham – The Relationship between Patients’ Self-Efficacy and their Effort Level and Improvement within a Physical Therapy Setting
    • Zachary ChristophersonSexual Attractiveness between Garter Snakes
    • Kynzie Dalton The Effects of Facial Cosmetics on Female Self-Perception
    • Samantha Ann Hafner – Arthur Rising (novel)
    • Brian Halverson – The Effect of the Weather on Retail Sales
    • Shane Hosea – Republic: A Graphic Adaptation (graphic novel)
    • Katherine Keetle – Signing for Education: The Benefits of Using American Sign Language in Hearing Classrooms
    • Melissa Ruth C. Scott – A Reason to Live (novel)
    • Joshua Nelsen Woods – Homeland Insecurity: Truman, Hoover, and Intelligence
2007 Theses
    • Mariko R. Chambers – A Study of Nursery Rhyme Adaptations
    • Katy Bradley Conner – Through Their Eyes: Style and Character in Roddy Doyle
    • Nicole Juergensen – Making Homes Out of RV’s: Alternative Low-Income Housing in Rural Southern Oregon
    • Danielle Kuehnel – Hometown Pride: A Community’s Cultural Identity Constructed through Publication
    • Tyler Laughlin – The Controversy of Constantine’s Conversion to Christianity
    • Amanda Miles – An Examination of Stress and Illness Among College Students
    • Nicole Jesse Perry – Speaking with Images: How the addition of images to second generation Holocaust survivor’s memoirs improves the dialogue between author and reader
    • Jennifer Rosales – The Growth Pattern of Colorful Bacterial Mats in Hot Springs Water at Yellowstone National Park
    • Brian Smith – Exploring the Current 802.11 Security Landscape
    • Laura Soules – Rock Walls and Rusted Dreams: An Archaeological Examination of Homesteading on the Crooked River National Grassland, Oregon
    • Alaina Steiner – The Possibilites of Philosophies as Works of Visual Art
2006 Theses
    • Monica Fleener – The Coronation of Charlemagne: Causes and Consequences
    • Beth Marie Frohmader – Development of the Guide Dog: Changes in Types, Training, and Recruitment of the Dog Guide and Implications for the Future
    • Terry Manning – Attempts to Cultivate RLMO Bacteria Using Site-Specific Water Chemistry Data
    • Mary E. Steers – The Effects of Age on Accurate Age Estimation
    • Daniel Ryan Van Winkle – An Examination of the Use of History in the Rise of Ethnic Nationalism in the Former Socialist Federation of Yugoslavia
2005 Theses
    • Ashley Neonta Bell – Neolin and Tenskwatawa: A Comparison of Two Nativist Prophets
    • Amber R. Faw – Manipulation of Eyewitness Testimony: How Naivete, Leading Questioning and Initial Stimulus Environment Affect Recall
    • Heidi L. Kimberling – Effect of Relevant Shocking Material on Recall, Recognition, and Attitude of Advertisments
    • Jessica K. Prante – Exposure of Hearing Infants to Signing: Its Influence on Language and Communication Ease
    • Erin Shute – Thrice Lived: Moment, Memory, and Understanding
    • Holly Adelman – Assessment and Accountability: Impacts of Testing on Oregon’s English Language Learners
2004 Theses
    • Christina M. Healy– Interpreting Shakespeare from English into American Sign Language
    • Stephanie R. Lewis De Ochoa – Study of the Choreographic Evolution of George Balanchine’s Ballets from 1922-1983
    • Kalah A. Paisley – Beyond Original Intent: The Reinvention of the Everson Ruling by Constitutional Historians
    • Rebekah M Regan – Skipping or Tripping?
2003 Theses
    • Jill Bradley – Dual Language Education: Preparing Today’s Youth for Tomorrow’s Diverse Future
    • Jana K. Brooks – Techniques in Fish Immunology: Effects of Water Source on Immune Cells of Goldfish, Carassius Auratus
    • Ardyth DeBruyn – Culture in a Structure of Transition and Uncertainty: Liminality and Communities Among Modern Pilgrims on the Camino De Santiago
    • Marika L. Schneider – Grief, Loss, and Death: A Guide for Educator’s and Parents of Elementary School Children
2002 Theses
    • Roseanne Pascalette Caputi – Suicide Race
    • Shelley Dietrick – Beyond Family: Controversy Surrounding The Practice of Interracial Adoption within the American System
    • Laura M. Howard – The Underrepresentation of Females in Computer Science
    • Adrian C. Johanson – Wasted
    • Cheyenne Lemmon – Gender: Dynamics, Identity and the University Setting
    • Christina M. White – A Link to the Past, A Road to the Future: Bringing Family History into the Elementary Classroom
2001 Theses
    • Thomas W. Bahde – I Fights Mit Sigel: Nativism and German American Soldiers in the Civil War
    • Celeste D. Barker – Father, Word and Holy Breath: The Genesis and Revelations of Stephen Dedalus
    • Brooke Gore – Mindful Communication: Strategies to Enhance Healthy Interactions
    • Maren E. Greif – A Novel Approach
    • Shannon M. Harvey – Implementing Creative Arts into the Elementary Classroom
    • Christopher J. Hodnefield – Decoding the Golay Code by Hand
    • Michelle Kennedy – The Use of Geographic Urban Models in Relation to the Development of Salem, Oregon
    • Kirk Lemmon – The Creation of a Film: From Script to Finish
2000 Theses
    • Ruth Ashton – Concentrations of Lead (Pb) in the Roots and Shoots of Sunflower (Helianthus annus): An Experiment in Phytoremediation
    • Jessica Beach – Causes of Aggression: A Study of Biological Factors
    • Tori Fornaciari – Painted Personalities: A study of the Female Figure
    • Theresa A. Mecham – Anne, Farewell, Adieu: The Final Hours of Anne Boleyn
    • Angela Siecinski – Attributional Styles, Moral Disengagement, and Self-Reported Delinquency
    • Jennifer Lynne Wolff – Sometimes Miracles Hide


1999 Theses
    • Elizabeth Cole – Language and Identity: The Confessions of a Bilingual Cabeza De Chorlito in Ecuador
    • Stephen Day – Personal Finance: The Forgotten Need of College Students
    • Jennifer K. Gjesvold – Guilt and Shame: Moral Affects and Criminal Behavior
    • Elaine M. Hart – “Genesis” And Other Poems
    • Molly J. Judson French – The Scent of Water: A Naturalist’s Guide to Small Streams of the Oregon Coast Range
    • Nicole Y. Meeuwsen – Discovering Economics
    • Noelle L. Pratt – Cami’s Story
    • Angela M. Quinby – Discovering Economics
    • Erin E. Sullivan – Fantasia on Amazing Grace
1998 Theses
    • Jaimie Suzan Bigelow – A Narrative of the Birth of Anabaptism: A Personal Exploration
    • Michelle E. Bright – Insights into the Lives of Post-secondary Students with Learning Disabilities
    • Erin K. Clinton – The Effects of Hair Color and Cosmetic Use on Male and Female Perceptions of a Female’s Potential Job Performance
    • Carrie L. Davis – Tripidia: A Novel Prospectus
    • Chryste Lea Crivella Frauendiener – I Dance in Two Languages: A Creative Thesis on Bilingual Children’s Literature
    • Traci A. Hamer – Stressing Neisseria Gonorrhoeae: A Layman’s Explanation
    • Jane E. Hammill – Wicca
    • Alicia J. Kleiman – “Data’s My Comrade”: A Journey of Associations
    • Deborah F. Kropf – Disability is not Inability: The Deaf Community in Kenya
    • Danielle D. Myers – Guests of the Gold Mountain: Chinese Vernacular Architecture and Two Dragon Camps
    • Jennifer L Paulsen – The World Wide Web’s Impact on the Field of Education: The Role it Plays and Examples of Usage
    • Stephanie D.B. Sherwood – The Making of Martyrs: The Centralia Tragedy and Trial of 1919
1997 Theses
    • Aimee Bruno – Let it be with me according to your word
    • Holly M. Hatch – Themes and variations in the lives of Robert and Clara Schumann and Johannes Brahms
1996 Theses
    • Charles K. Bonville – The internet: a virtual library
    • Stacey Brennan – Interdisciplinary education: an option for improving education
    • Nicole L. Hayes – Successful mediation: a comparison of Leslie Marmon Silko’s ceremony and Louise Erdrich’s love medicine
    • Thomas R. Hoffman – Mathematical chaos: development and applications
    • Jana L. Mounts – Medieval European noble women and the power they possessed
    • Cynthia L. Ussing – The multi-grade elementary classroom, a return to the past?
    • Cindy Wrey – Financial inequities in schools: do they exist?
1995 Theses
    • Elona M. Olson – Mixed-age grouping
    • Kelly C. Schloer – Generation of a population of autotetraploid loium multiflorum plants for use in breeding new varieties of rye grass
1994 Theses
    • Heather Boylan – The Historical Mexico as Seen by a Foreigner
    • Rachel L. Fox – In Memoriam: Dan Lucas
    • Shannon M. Gates – Messiah: A Personal Discovery
    • Travis Giboney – True Blue
    • Stacy Holloway – The Geomorphology of the Hood River Valley
    • Thomas W. Hrabal – A European Experience
    • Dawn Lingenfelter – Gender issues in computer-mediated communication: an exploratory analysis
    • Wendy Sue Randolph Pankey – The Life You Save: A Soliloguy by Flannery O’Connor
    • Evangeline Faith Pearson – Music in Worship in the Churches of Monmouth-Independence
    • Danielle Spinella – Head Start
    • Jessica J. Wilkinson – Effective Interface Design: Increasing User Productivity
1993 Theses
    • Michael C. Curry – Life Out There: Looking Beyond the Limits
    • Leah Johnson – Ehpesian Memories
    • Paul H. Potter – Fear and loathing of the self: gay protagonists in two post World War II American novels
    • Tracie Toman – Germany: a hope for Oregon’s educational future a study of Oregon and German educational systems
1992 Theses
    • Daniel S. Kay – Zoo Story: A Study In Communication
    • Rachel Starck – A Study of Three Grass Seed Mixes Used in the Restoration of Wetlands
1991 Theses
    • Nicole A. Diederich – Thomas Wolfe’s journey toward self-discovery: the search for meaning and identity in Look Homeward Angel and Of Time and the River
    • Corey Johnson – Elsewhere: the reunification of mind and matter
1990 Theses
    • Julie Ann Biddle – An historical perspective on six works from flute recital literature.
1989 Theses
    • Kalen Griffin – Theatre direction: a test in communication.