Minors in Health, Physical Education and Sports Leadership

Promoting healthy lifestyles and communities.


Health Minor – 27 credits

This minor should be planned with a health advisor. The Health minor consists of 27 hours of courses with a HE prefix, of which at least 15 credits must be upper division.


Physical Education Minor – 27 credits

EXS 230 Foundations of Exercise Science – 4 credits

Electives selected from PE offerings as approved by adviser. Of these 23 credits, at least 15 must be upper division (300 to 400 level) with a maximum of 2 credits of “coaching theory” courses counted toward the upper division minimal requirement.


Sports Leadership Minor – 27 credits

HE 252 First Aid, CPR and Safety – 3 credits

EXS 361 Coaching Youth Sports – 3 credits

EXS 375 Athletics: Coaching and Administration – 3 credits

EXS 359 Care and Prevention of Athletic Injuries – 4 credits

EXS 310 Motor Learning OR PE 420 Motor Learning for Coaches – 4 credits each

PSY 415 Psychology of Sport – 4 credits

Choose 6 credits of sport or coaching related courses and/or coaching practicum with adviser approval.