SHCC is pleased to participate in a publicly funded program called Oregon Contraceptive Care (CCare). This program provides free contraceptive management services, birth control and reproductive health care for those eligible. Most WOU students will qualify and receive this care at no cost. You must have a valid Social Security Number to participate.

C-Care Fact & Qualification Info Sheet
Separating contraceptive services from SHCC’s list of services covered by the health fee allows WOU students who are eligible to enroll in the CCare program; however, it changes the billing structure for students who request contraceptive services and are not eligible for the program.

CCare Clients: contraceptive care services are free of charge. If you have private insurance it will be billed first before CCare is billed.  You will never personally be charged a fee, a co-pay, or a deductible for any contraceptive services or supplies.

Non-CCare Participants: contraceptive care service charges will be placed on your WOU student account like all other SHCC charges

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