Noah is a Junior pursuing a degree in information systems with a minor in business. When he’s not saving the planet with Green Team, he likes to enjoy hiking, watching movies, and hanging out with the boys


My name is Liv Geisler-Wagner; I am a Biology Education major at WOU- hoping to be a high school biology teacher in a few years. I am on Green Team because I strongly believe in everyone doing their part to prevent Global Climate Change; me doing my part includes educating those that don’t know as much about sustainable practices they can employ in their daily lives. Preserving the environment is extremely important to me because I love spending time outside in the forest and appreciating blue skies, and clear waters, and lush foliage. I don’t want to see any of that disappear because of people not taking care of the environment and letting it go to waste.

Channing Bushman CHANNING BUSHMAN 

Channing is a Californian earth lover! She loves being in Oregon and promoting sustainable practices, even, and especially, in the small and simple things.


 Nicole is working towards a degree in Elementary Education and a minor in Spanish. During her free time she enjoys backpacking, going to concerts, skiing, and hanging outdoors in her hammock on sunny days.


Tricia is a Communications Major in a minor in Business. She is born and raised from Oahu and developed an appreciation and fondness for the Earth due to the breathtaking beauty of her home island. She likes to read novels on her spare time, meet new people, find new tunes to listen to and writes poetry

Green Team Advisor

Rachel Rhodes

Hey, my name is Rachel Rhodes and I advise Green Team. I am a senior here at WOU majoring in communication and minoring in organizational leadership. I love hanging out on the beach and going for drives and spending time with family and friends. I’m from Beaverton, Oregon.