The Department of Geography believes that geographic literacy is essential for the lifelong development and professional service of all the university’s students, not merely those majoring or minoring in the discipline.  We aim to provide a learning environment in which students will have structured opportunities to develop expertise in geography and to also achieve the institutional Undergraduate Learning Outcomes.

Geographic study at WOU focuses on the following learning outcomes for students:

  1. Explain important elements of geographic thought and practice.
  2. Interpret the interrelationships between people, space and place.
  3. Analyze human-environment relations.

For more information, contact the Department Chair, Dr. Mike McGlade, 503-838-8381,

Faculty: Shaun Huston (, Sriram Khe (, and Mark Van Steeter (

GEOGRAPHY MINOR (27-28 Credits)


  • GEOG 105 Introductory Physical Geography (4)

Choose one (4):

  • GEOG 106 Introductory Economic Geography (4)
  • GEOG 107 Introductory Cultural Geography (4)

Choose one (4):

  • GEOG 321 Field Geography (4)
  • GEOG 495 History and Philosophy of Geography (4)

Any Four Upper-Division Geography courses (16)




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