Transfer FAQ

How does an AAOT affect my General Education requirements?

Students with completed AAOT degrees do not need to take General Education requirements at WOU.

I have an AA degree from an out-of-state school. Will that meet my General Education requirements?

Many AA degrees are already articulated with WOU’s Gen Ed requirements. You can see the current list at If you have an AA degree that is not articulated, you should complete a petition ( to request review of your AA degree as it may meet our requirements.

I have a few transfer classes that are coming in as electives, can they meet General Education requirements?

If you’ve taken a look at the brief requirement overviews for General Education at and think you have a transfer course that may meet a requirement you can submit a petition by using the petition form at You can submit multiple courses on the same form. Make sure you have course descriptions and other documentation prepared to include.

I took WR 227 at a community college. Can I use this course to meet my Foundations: Writing requirement?

No. Under new guidelines developed as part of the state of Oregon’s common course numbering WR 227 fulfills the Critical Thinking requirement at WOU. Depending on when you transferred and your catalog year, you may need to submit a petition to have the course applied correctly.

I took a class at WOU that is not a General Education class. Can I substitute it for one of my requirements?

WOU courses that have not been reviewed and approved by the General Education Committee for inclusion in the program are not eligible as substitute courses.

How do I get advising for General Education?

Your academic advisor is also your General Education advisor. Since General Education is meant to complement and support your major, and many General Education requirements also fulfill major requirements, you should be working through your degree holistically.

I need help figuring out a General Education requirement. What should I do?

First, check in with your academic advisor. They are there to help you navigate all of your degree requirements and may have some recommendations. If your advisor can’t fully answer your question, the next step is to contact the General Education office (

How do I pick from the available classes in these requirements?

You can find all of the available courses in each requirement by searching the WOU course catalog (you can access this catalog for each requirement through our “Requirements & Courses” page at If you are looking for specific General Education options for an upcoming term, you can use the Attribute search feature in the WolfWeb scheduler tool to find the available General Education classes for a particular requirement.

How do I know which Foundations: Mathematics course to take?

Many majors have specific mathematics requirements, which also meet Foundations: Mathematics requirements for General Education. Check with your academic advisor. If you are not in a major that has a specific mathematics requirement, the ALEKS placement test is the best way to determine the right course for you. An ALEKS score of 61 or higher in a timed and proctored environment will meet your Foundations: Mathematics requirement.

I want to do Study Abroad. How can I find out which courses might work for General Education requirements?

Any Study Abroad courses that articulate as existing WOU General Education courses will meet the relevant requirement. For courses that do not articulate, contact the General Education office for a review of the possible options.