Mount Hood

Digital Storytelling and Narratives

Digital Storytelling and Narratives explores what is at the heart of our human experience–stories and ways we share those stories. Exploring various disciplines takes on digital storytelling, narrative, and technology to share them, this course gives students theoretical and application of digital storytelling and narratives through readings, case studies, and crafting digital storytelling projects of their own. The course will also provide hands-on technology experience and exploration of real-life issues, questions, and narratives true to their life experiences.

Instructor: Tiara Good
Categories: Storytelling, Self & Identity, Communication & Humanity
CRN: 31070


Get Woke to Being Broke*

In this class, we will research and practice what it means to be first-generation or low-income in the current U.S. educational system. What are the financial mechanisms that make Higher Education possible for those coming from low-income backgrounds? What is the financial impact of a college education, positive and negative? Students will calculate these costs and rewards from an individual perspective exploring cost of attendance, impact of financial aid, inflation in both cost of attendance and local economy, and planning for future financial needs.

Instructors: SEP Staff
Keywords: Conflict, Debate, & Revolution, Self & Identity, Teaching & Education
CRN: 30659

Started from the Bottom, Now We’re Here*

In this class, we will research and write about what it means to be first-generation or low-income in the current U.S. educational system. How are members of these populations, traditionally underrepresented at college, impacted by policy and the Higher Ed experience? We will examine what a modern “War on Poverty” would look like and what role education would play. We will explore issues of identity and culture (including gender, race/ethnicity, and class) and potential solutions to the barriers that underrepresented students face.

Instructor: SEP Faculty
Categories: Society, Policy, & Culture, Identity & Self, Education & Teaching
CRN: 30640