Mount Hood

How to Survive a Mass Extinction

Who lives, who dies, and why? What can we learn by exploring evidence from events millions of years in the past to help us understand what is going on in the world today? By using quantitative skills to explore and explain trends, build and test predictions, and estimate and evaluate outcomes, we will learn how to survive mass extinction, and also how to survive and succeed in college.

Instructor: Erin Baumgartner and Jeff Myers
Categories: Policy, Culture, & Society, Science, Tech, & Data, Conflict, Debate, & Revolution
CRN: 30687

Get Woke to Being Broke*

In this class, we will research and practice what it means to be first-generation or low-income in the current U.S. educational system. What are the financial mechanisms that make Higher Education possible for those coming from low-income backgrounds? What is the financial impact of a college education, positive and negative? Students will calculate these costs and rewards from an individual perspective exploring cost of attendance, impact of financial aid, inflation in both cost of attendance and local economy, and planning for future financial needs.

Instructors: SEP Staff
Keywords: Conflict, Debate, & Revolution, Self & Identity, Teaching & Education
CRN: 30659