Check out Introduction to Mass Communication as one of the great options for Foundations: Communication and Language: 

CRN 20262

PE 131 is no longer offered at WOU. 

If you are finishing an LACC requirement, we recommend HE 257 as a replacement option. 

First Year Seminars 

Check out all the great options for Winter 2021 at

You can’t go wrong with a Foundations: Writing class!

WR 121 and WR 122 not only meet your General Education Foundations: Writing requirement, the skills you’ll build will help you in any class that involves writing (spoiler alert – that’s all of them). 

Looking for a Great Math Class? (Trick Question – They’re all Great!)

MTH 105 and MTH 110 do not have prerequisites and meet your General Education Foundations: Mathematics requirement. 

Your major may have a Mathematics requirement that also allows you to complete this General Education requirement – check with your advisor!  

Recent Updates to General Education courses

Find out more about courses recommended for inclusion in the program in the 2020-21 catalog by the General Education Committee at Course Updates.


General Education


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