These courses have recently been recommended by the General Education Committee for inclusion in the General Education Program beginning with the 2020-21 catalog. Students beginning the program prior to that time can still take these courses to meet General Education requirements once the courses are added to the catalog.

In Foundations: Communication and Language

A 100 Art Topics

COM 100 Effective Communication

SPAN 311 Spanish for Bilingual Teachers I

SPAN 312 Spanish for Bilingual Teachers II

In Foundations: Critical Thinking

EC 200 Introduction to Economic Perspectives

ES 105 Discoveries in Earth Science

LING 209 Introduction to Language Study

LING 214 Linguistic and Education

LING 310 Introduction to Linguistics

LIT 110 Critical Themes in Literature

In Foundations: Health Promotion

GERO 200 The Aging Self: Your Pathway through Adulthood

In Exploring Knowledge: Literary and Aesthetic Perspectives

D 255 Introduction to Dance

ED 235 Literature for the Young Child

ED 240 Young Adult Literature in Diverse Classrooms

TA 260 Basic Movement and Voice Development

In Exploring Knowledge: Scientific Perspectives

CJ/ANTH 322 Forensic Anthropology

In Exploring Knowledge: Social, Historic & Civic Perspectives

LIT 103 Literature and Society

PS 204 Governments of the World

WR 300 Technical and Workplace Writing

In Integrating Knowledge: Citizenship, Social Responsibility & Global Awareness

ANTH 386 Anthropology of Muslim Societies

BA 362 Business Ethics

CJ/ANTH 372 Social Constructions of Race

COM 325 Intercultural Communication

COM 416 Communication and Politics

ED 420 Global Perspectives in Early Childhood Education

GEOG 410 Global Issues

HST 442 America and the Middle East

HST 495 Arab World in Translation

LIT 380 The Bible as Literature

LIT 381 African Literature

PS 442 Peacebuilding and Public Policy

PS 443 Great Peacemakers

PS 478 Political Fiction and Film

WR 304 Grant and Proposal Writing

In Integrating Knowledge: Science, Technology & Society

ANTH 494 Northwest Native Nations

CH 345 Introduction to Toxicology

COM 430 Social Media and Culture

CS 422 Demystifying Computer Science

ED 466 Technology in Inclusive Early Childhood Environments

GS 325 Science Inquiry and Design

HST 484 Health, Medicine and Gender in Historical Perspective

LIT 382 Cultural Trauma and Memory

PHIL 252 Medical Ethics

PHIL 255 Environmental Ethics

PS 447 Environmental Politics and Public Policy


General Education


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