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Many categories have online options offered more regularly. Use the online delivery attribute in the scheduler tool in combination with the General Education requirement attribute you need to find options each term.

First Year Seminars

Some FYS courses are available online, but most will be in-person beginning in Fall 2022. Stay tuned for updates about all-online FYS offerings in the future. 

Foundations: Mathematics

MTH 105

MTH 110

MTH 111

MTH 243

Foundations: Writing

WR 121 and WR 122

Foundations: Communication and Language

COM 111

Foundations: Critical Thinking

CS 122

Foundations: Health Promotion

no options

Exploring Knowledge: Literary and Aesthetic Perspectives

LIT 101

LIT 102

LIT 120

MUS 107

Exploring Knowledge: Scientific Perspectives

BI 101

Exploring Knowledge: Social, Historic and Civic Perspectives


CJ 213

CJ 219

GEOG 106

PSY 201

PSY 202

Integrating Knowledge: Citizenship, Social Responsibility and Global Awareness

CS 340

ED 481

Integrating Knowledge: Science, Technology and Society

WR 401