Renewal period: 3 years****

Award amount: Varies (see table below)

Beginning 21-22, you must submit a WOU General Scholarship application to apply for the Presidential Scholarship.

This scholarship is intended for incoming freshmen who have excelled academically at the high school level.

Western Oregon University recognizes that standardized test scores do not always reflect academic potential and can cause students to lose scholarship opportunities. It is for these reasons that WOU has created a Presidential award level based solely on unweighted GPA.

To be eligible for an award above the Dean’s level students must submit the WOU General Scholarship application by February 17th AND meet the GPA requirement.

Students who meet the award year requirements listed below are not guaranteed any scholarship above the Deans level.


Level Submit WOU General Scholarship Application by February 17th GPA Requirement* Amount
Presidential Yes 3.8+ $5,500
Provost Yes 3.7+ $2,500
Deans No 3.5+ $1,000

****Students must meet renewal requirements to keep their scholarship over the four year period.


Presidential Plus Scholarship

Presidential Plus Scholarship

Presidential Scholarship recipients may be eligible for the Presidential Plus Scholarship by meeting the following criteria:

  • Complete 45 credits within the academic year (Fall – Spring term)
  • Maintain a minimum 3.0 cumulative WOU GPA

If you get the Presidential Scholarship your freshman year, you may receive the Presidential Plus scholarship the remaining three years of your education. Eligibility for the Presidential Plus Scholarship begins after spring term of the academic year ends. 

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