WOU Projects

ITC Renovation

Our ITC building renovation is complete being fully utilized by students, staff and faculty. The renovation was significant and we believe it will serve the WOU community much better. Some of the changes include moving the restroom from the main floor to the bottom level. The two classrooms downstairs have new carpeting, new HVAC, new blinds and finishes.  Some of the space was rearranged to accommodate a smaller lab as well as a small student lounge/gallery area. On the main floor, we have a brand-new galley with permanent art installations from artists Huameng Yu, Louis Chinn, and Gail O’Neil.  Also on the main floor is the remodeled and upgraded student lounge, classroom, offices, and auditorium.  The conference room was expanded as well as upgraded.  

WOU is hosting an open house on 5/18, so look for more details on that. Come by and check it out.

Project Budget:  The total project is budgeted at $6,000,000.00 with approximately $4,200,000.00 for construction cost.

OMA Renovation/ Welcome Center/New Mailroom Copy Center

The primary scope of this project is to renovate and update this structure to provide modern offices for existing Western Oregon University Administrative services, specifically: Financial Aid, Admissions, and Alumni Relations. The general concept of this project will be to ensure spaces are ADA compliant, with consideration toward gender neutral bathrooms. The sleeping spaces on the second floor will remain but be updated as required for ADA Accessibility guidelines. The use of the second floor will be for visiting groups or individuals and utilized in a similar way to hostel accommodations).

Modifications will include the following: upgrade HVAC equipment and controls of the entire building as needed to update the HVAC system, it will not be replaced, just modified to allow for room re-configurations; design new spaces to accommodate administrative services listed above and include room for growth in each respective service; allow space for storage and create or use existing classroom space as flexible conference and classroom space; design main lobby to memorialize former Dean of Students Jack Morton; remodel all existing restrooms to make them fully compliant with ADA Accessibility Guidelines;  restore second floor bathroom with basic finishes and lighting upgrades (i.e. paint and energy efficient lighting); maintain Food Panty Service area in the same place; retrofit lighting with energy efficient fixtures throughout entire structure; refurbish existing elevator; upgrade landscape to be consistent with current Western Oregon standards; and replace sidewalks around exterior building as needed to eliminate trip hazards. This project shall be designed to incorporate materials, equipment, and systems sufficient to comply with Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) silver rating requirements.

Current update for Welcome Center: The Welcome Center is now open. Minor punch list items are still being completed. Mike Elliot serves as the project manager on this project (elliotm@wou.edu). 

Project Budget:  The total project is budgeted at $8,200,000.00 with    approximately $5,700,000.00 for construction cost.

WOU Salem

This project is nearing completion at about 80% complete. We have completed the majority of the MEP needs and interior finish work including painting. We are now working on hanging doors, dropping in ceiling tiles and flooring.

As with any remodel we are discovering issues that need to be corrected with the elevator, leaks from the exterior walls and HVAC units that can’t be salvaged but need full replacement. We are now projecting to be complete by the end of March 2021. Michael Smith serves as the project manager for this project (smithmj@wou.edu).