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Grant_profile_wide-2Dr. Grant Smith holds a Ph.D. in Science Education from Oregon State University with expertise geology

interpretation (i.e. park ranger presentations) and college teaching. He also holds a M.S. degree in

geology from Washington State University with a focus on archaeological geology and desert

geomorphology. In the thirteen years between receiving his master’s degree and the start of his Ph.D.

studies, Dr. Smith served as a consulting geoarchaeologist/geomorphologist throughout the western

United States. His archaeological projects during that time include historic and prehistoric sites in

Arizona, California, Colorado, Minnesota, New Mexico, North Dakota, South Dakota, Texas, Vermont,

and Wyoming. Out of that time, Dr. Smith produced many technical reports and some refereed journal

articles on geoarchaeology.

Dr. Smith’s current research interests include ways to improve interactions between park rangers and

visitors (resource interpretation), especially with regards to science content. He believes that insights

into improving resource interpretation are not only gained through academic studies but also through

being a practitioner of interpretation. To that end, Dr. Smith has served as an interpretive ranger with

the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department (at Silver Falls State Park) and the National Park Service

(Mt. Rainier National Park).

Dr. Smith has served as part of the Western Oregon University Earth Science Department since 2008 and

enjoys helping non-science majors find ways in which science can be relevant to their own lives.


contact: smithg@wou.edu

Grant Smith CV – Spring 2015

Office: Ed 156