Exporting the gradebook allows faculty to manage course grades outside of Moodle.


The exported file can be manipulated then imported back into the course.

Important note:

● Student names, ID numbers, and email addresses will export with each type of file.
● There is not an option to select “No ID number” when exporting grade items. This is a safeguard to ensure grades are matched to students according to their Vnumbers.


  1. Open the Moodle course
  2. Go to the “Course administration” block and select “Grades” (left side)
  3. Select the “Export” tab (see image below)
  4. Select the tab of your preferred export format (see “Export Format Options” below)
  5. Choose the preferred “Grade items to be included” and “Export format options”
  6. When finished select the “Download” button (bottom of page)

Export Format Options

  1. Include feedback in export: Creates a column where feedback can be input. As well as, it lists existing feedback that was entered within Moodle.
  2. Exclude suspended users: This is a null option. Academic suspensions are determined within the first week of a course. It is possible for a student to be academically
    suspended, forget to tell their instructor, and still be enrolled in the course.
  3. Export display types: Select as many format types as you would like. When grades are exported each display type will have its own column.
  4. Grade export decimal points: Select the number of decimal points for grades. The values
    range from 0 to 5.
  5. Separator: The item you select will deliminate each grade item within the report. (Plain text only)