Fall 2018


  • Courses are organized by time: in
  • progress, future, past.
  • Timeline view lists all upcoming due
  • activities, and also recent past due
  • activities
  • Search box available for across the site
  • search
  • You can customize notification setting
  • to meet your needs.

Roles can be used at a course level

  • Librarian: can access course content, but not gradebook
  • Multimedia Specialist: Can access course content but not
  • grades
  • ODS staff: can access course content but not grades
  • TA: has the same privileges as the instructors of the course
  • Course Support Specialist: has the same privileges as the
  • instructor of the course
  • Grader: can see but not alter activities, Can grade students.
  • Content viewer: Can access course content, but not grades

Within a Course

  • Enroll users has a different interface
  • Course image can be chosen for
  • dashboard display
  • Classroom response system
  • TurningPoint is integrated with Moodle
  • Add “Reengage” activity to send
  • reminders to students about upcoming
  • due activities such as assignments
  • Use Turnitin to check plagiarism in
  • Assignments and Discussion forums
  • Use regular assignment and set Turnitin settings to check
  • plagiarism
  • Intelliboard data analysis (in development)
  • WebEx is integrated with Moodle to host video conference
  • Use “scheduler” to have students sign up for meetings
  • based on the time slots you provided
  • Group choice allows you to give students the freedom to
  • choose and form their own groups
  • PoodLL allows audio/video submissions and feedback
  • H5P interactive content helps to make your course more
  • interesting and engaging
  • TK20 is integrated with Moodle to help you with assessment
  • Add “level up” block to gamify your course and encourage students to participate.

Moodle Support

Email: moodle@wou.edu

Phone: 89300