The Application Process

To request accommodations through the Office of Disability Services, you need to fill out an application packet (available here). The application materials will provide information that our office needs to help determine the appropriate accommodations for you. Please fill out these forms, plus any others that are required for you, and return them to our office. It is important that you fill them out as completely as possible and provide copies of your medical documentation. If you have questions, please contact our office at voice: (503) 838-8250; VP: (503) 512-5258.


Eligibility Requirements: 

  • In order to receive accommodations through our office, you must establish that you have a disability. Under the Americans with Disabilities Act and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, a disability is a “permanent impairment that significantly limits a major life activity.” These activities can include listening, walking, reading, writing, and learning. Evaluations must be conducted by an appropriate professional. A doctor’s prescription pad note or a school plan such as an Individualized Educational Plan (IEP) or 504 Plan is not sufficient documentation in and of itself, but can be included as part of a more comprehensive evaluative report.. Additionally, it must include a specific diagnosis and copies of any testing done to establish the diagnosis.
  • After you establish that you have a disability, you need to show how the requested accommodation will help you perform tasks necessary as a student. A statement regarding the appropriate accommodations for you should be included with your disability documentation. Other documents, such as your IEP from high school or vocational plan, can assist in determining which accommodations would be helpful for you.
  • After we have received all of your application materials and medical documentation, we will review them to determine if you are eligible for accommodations. We prefer to meet with students in person whenever possible. We will send you a letter outlining the accommodations for which you are eligible.
  • After you have been found eligible to receive accommodations, you must request them for your specific classes or other events sponsored by the university. This must be done for every term you wish to receive services. It is important that you follow the proper procedures so that we can efficiently provide the accommodations you need.


Office of Disability Services

Voice: (503) 838-8250 | VideoPhone: (503) 512-5258 | Fax: (503) 838-8721 | E-mail:ods@wou.edu | Location: APSC room 405 | Opening Hours: Monday - Friday (8:00AM - 5:00PM) "If you have a disability that may require some accommodation in order to participate in a Western Oregon University class or activity, please notify the Office of Disability Services at 503-838-8250 or ods@wou.edu at least 3 business days in advance. To request an interpreter, please fill out the INTERPRETER REQUEST FORM."