Vivian Djokotoe, Ph.D.


Professor & Department Chair
(503) 838-8358


Remote Office Hours:

MWF 10:00-12:00, 2:00-3:00


Research Areas:


Statistics, Research Methods,Youth Crime, Restorative Justice, and Community Crime Prevention




Dr. Djokotoe worked with street children through a UNICEF program in her native country Ghana prior to moving to the United States, and spent seven years working at Trillium Family Services, a residential facility for at-risk youth prior to working here at WOU.

Her current research focuses on risks and protective factors for family and youth violence prevention, and on restorative justice in criminal justice, focusing her cross-cultural research on indigenous groups in Ghana, as well as on Native Americans and Aboriginals in Canada. She has conducted restorative justice research in Ghana, and won a grant from the Canadian Government to conduct research in Canada. Her research in the United States has occurred through her involvement with Polk County Victim Offender Reconciliation Program.




Dr. Djokotoe’s recent publications include a book on street children in 2012 (see citation below), as well as articles on children’s lives and foreign aid in Africa. Some of her publications appear under her previous last name Amantana.


Recent Book:


Amantana, Vivian, (2012) A Sociological Study of Street Children in Ghana: Victims of Kinship Breakdown and Rural Urban Migration. Edwin Mellen Press, NY

For more information regarding Dr. Djokotoe’s book, please visit: http://mellenpress.com/mellenpress.cfm?bookid=8429&pc=9