Vivian speaking

Dr. Vivian Djokotoe

Youth Crime Studies Minor

     The minor in Youth Crime Studies explores through theory and practice, the understanding of causes as well as an implementation of research-tested approaches and pathways to success appropriate for young people both in and outside the criminal justice system. It aims to engage the most accurate explanations of causes and interventions of youth offending through analyses of the effects of victimization and family dynamics on at risk children and teens.

     The program further explores research-based ideas for appropriately responding to juvenile crime and promotes practical and theoretical knowledge while equipping students with skill sets necessary for successful careers in juvenile justice through analyses of juvenile justice laws that shape the work of juvenile justice professionals. Finally, it prepares graduates with in depth knowledge of acquisition of necessary skills to ensure success in diverse jobs including direct services to high-risk youth and families, juvenile justice case management and intervention, administration of youth agencies, youth advocacy, and policy in governmental or nongovernment agencies.

Program Outcomes


1. Understand the uniqueness of juveniles as a separate group of offenders with separate needs within
the criminal justice system.
2. Critically evaluate and understand the method of responding to youth crime in the criminal justice
3. Understand through theory and practice, the causes of youth crime and the most effective approaches
to addressing youth crime.

Prerequisites (8 cr): Must be completed prior to completing the remaining 20 credits.
CJ 213 Intro to Criminal Justice (4)
CJ 451C Youth, Crime and Society (4)

Required Courses (16 cr): All students must complete the following.
CJ 411 Families and Crime (4)
CJ 461 Youth Immigration and Crime (4)
CJ 449 Youth Gangs in American Society (4)
CJ 463D Topics on Juvenile Issues (4)
Electives (4 cr): Choose one from the list below.
CJ 444 Restorative Justice Compared (4)
CJ 455D Correctional Casework and Counseling (4)
CJ 403 Field Study in Criminal Justice (4)
SOC 409D Practicum Latino Education Mentor Program (4)