Communication Studies Major (60 credits)


The Communication Studies program educates students in the history and theory of speech communication.  The program develops articulate speakers and prepares students to compete in a job market that demands effective communication skills.

In the liberal arts tradition, our program emphasizes classic texts of rhetoric, modern communication theory, and the latest developments in mass media and communication technology. The major will enhance your understanding of argument, evidence, and persuasion; intercultural communication; techniques of small group leadership; and the craft of researching, writing and delivering a successful speech.

Our mass communication curriculum focuses on the effects of mass media to accurately transmit information. We provide a balanced program of theory and practice and attempt to produce what employers are looking for: liberally educated men and women who speak and write clearly, think critically, and have a strong capacity to learn.



COM 112: Interpersonal Communication

COM 211: Introduction to Mass Communication

COM 212: Advertising and Society

COM 321: Influence Through Argument

COM 325: Intercultural Communication

COM 326: Communication and Controversy: Freedom of Speech in United States

COM 327: Communication in the Legal Field

COM 343: Communication in the Information Age

COM 380: Environmental Communication

COM 405: Human Communication Theory

COM 420: Communication in Organizations

COM 426: Language of the Mass Media

COM 432: Rhetoric In the Western Tradition

COM 440: Relational Communication

COM 461: Family Communication

Message Construction

COM 111: Principles of Public Speaking

COM 312: Public Relations Communication

COM 323: Group Discussion and Leadership

COM 324: Business and Professional Communication

COM 340: Conflict Management

COM 370: Communication Ethics

COM 410: Communication and Event Planning

COM 422: Persuasion

COM 436: Gender, Power and Cultural Production

COM 439: Contemporary US Public Address

COM 442: Communication and Social Change

COM 450: Crisis Communication Management

Message Analysis

COM 236: Contemporary Issues in Media

COM 328: Law and Popular Culture

COM 331: Nonverbal Communication

COM 335: Communication and Gender

COM 342: Media Literacy

COM 351: Foundations of Health Communication

COM 360: Sport Communication

COM 412: The Criticism of Public Discourse

COM 416: Communication and Politics

COM 430  Social Media and Culture

COM 435: Rhetoric of the Women’s Movement

COM 444  Global Media

COM 446 Critical Media Analysis

COM 462: The Dark Side of Family Communication

Communication Studies Electives

Choose from any COM courses not used to fulfill another requirement in the major, including, but not limited to:

COM 199    Special Studies

COM 399    Special Studies

COM 406    Special Individual Studies

COM 407    Seminar

COM 408    Workshop

COM 409    Internship

For more information, contact Dr. Dana Schowalter, BELL 117, 503-838-9240.

Faculty: William Andersen, Nick Backus, Paula Baldwin, Alex Curry, Tiara Good, Frank Nevius, Nancy Nichols, Emily Plec, Dana Schowalter, Sarah Sheldrick, Corrina Ward


Communication Studies

Department Head: Dr. Dana Schowalter | (503) 838-9240 | | BELL 117