Communication Studies courses are designed to introduce students to foundational theories in our field while also providing opportunities for students to increase their communication skills. Our faculty regularly update curriculum to include analysis and reflection on current issues and trends shaping the communication environment, as well as to provide students with opportunities to practice skills in new and diverse contexts. 

Our courses prepare students for careers across a range of communication fields, including human resources, social media, public relations, government, and human services, to name a few. Our major is designed to give students flexibility to take courses at their own pace, with few prerequisites and sequences. We encourage our majors and minors to work closely with their advisors to develop a course plan that will best prepare them for the future they want.

In addition to coursework, we encourage all our majors to complete at least one internship before they graduate. Internships give students a chance to practice their skills in a professional environment while earning credits toward their degree. Internships also help students build their resume and network with professionals in the field. Visit our internships page for more information on how to get started.  


To learn more about all available Communication Studies courses and their descriptions, please visit the course catalog.


For a list of courses that will be offered in the coming year, please visit our Upcoming Courses page.

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